Man ‘disabled for life’ after his fingers were slashed by a knife wielding KILLER CLOWN

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A dad says he has been left permanently disabled and unable to work after he was stabbed – by a CLOWN.

Terrified Simon Chinery, 28, was covered in blood as the masked attacker sliced his right hand “down to the bone” with a ten inch blade.

Simon says he has been left unable to use the limb after the masked attacker slit four ligaments.

Father-of-one Simon was walking away from a service station cash point when the sinister clown crept up behind him.swns_clown_attack_01Simon, who works as a joiner, grabbed the knife to stop the clown doing any serious harm to his body – but says his fingers “exploded” following the altercation.

He was taken to hospital for doctors to try and repair the damage – but Simon says he is now classed as disabled and has been forced to give up his job.

Simon, of Blackburn, Lancs., said: “I had never been so petrified in all my life.

“It has left me feeling sick to the bottom of my stomach – it was literally something from a horror movie.”

The incident, which happened on Haslingdon Road in Blackburn City Centre on Sunday (Oct 9), involved a clown which Simon describes as “petrifying”.

He describes the clown as dressed in a green wig, with black eye make-up, red nose and red beard.

The clown donned a green jacket, white fitted top, big black boots and rubber latex gloves.

Simon Chinery from Blackburn, Lancs., has been left injured and disabled for life after being attacked by a 'creepy clown'

Simon Chinery from Blackburn, Lancs., has been left injured and disabled for life after being attacked by a ‘creepy clown’

Describing the attack, Simon said: “It wasn’t a mask of sorts, it was more scary makeup.

“I just panicked when I saw the knife – he pointed it towards me and I just used my instinct by grabbing the knife and he pulled at the same time.

“In that moment I think I just wanted the knife away from me, I could have been in intensive care or worse if it had slashed my neck.

“My fingers then just exploded – there was blood everywhere.

“I didn’t know what to do because it all happened so quickly, but the knife just sliced it down to the bone.

“I just ran home and my mum called for an ambulance.”

As Simon, who was later taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital, fell to the floor he tried to punch the attacker with his left hand – as the clown ran off.

Doctors told Simon that they do not know the long-lasting extent of his injury and will need to carry out reconstructive surgery on his hand.swns_clown_attack_10Simon, who is single, said: “This attack has ruined my life – I am disabled from this and cannot return to the trade and job which I love.

“The doctors have already told me I will never get the same movement out of my hand I had before.

“I’ve lost my job – I might have to have several operations to remove ligaments from my leg into my hand.

“You can still see the blood coming through on the dressing – it’s awful. I’m going to look into compensation. That’s all I can do now.”

Adding: “I am just glad it was me and not my nine-year-old son or my young nieces or nephews.”

Asked what he thought of the clown craze sweeping the UK, Simon added: “I was absolutely hysterical when I saw him.

“I’m a former kickboxer so it wasn’t as if I’m scarred of clowns – I think it was just seeing the knife which was the shocking thing.

“People behaving like this really need to stop – I have been having nightmares and the pain is unreal.”

Adding: “This clown craze is getting out of control.”swns_clown_attack_08Lancashire Police said they are investigating the incident – but are yet to interview Simon.

A Lancashire Police spokesperson confirmed: “We have had it reported to us that a 28-year-old was walking home alone in Haslingden Road, Blackburn, at around 8.45pm on October 9, and has been approached by someone dressed as a clown.

“It appears the clown has pulled out a knife which the victim, from Blackburn, has tried to grab.

“He has received injuries to his fingers. He was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital for treatment and was transferred to Royal Preston Hospital.

“An investigation has now been launched into the incident.”

No arrests have yet been made.

If anyone has any information regarding the incident, they should phone Lancashire Police using 101, quoting crime reference number LC2016-1011-0779.

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