Lost my sense of tumour : Funnyman diagnosed with brain tumour the size of an egg – after losing the ability to crack a JOKE

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A funnyman known for his one-liners discovered he had a brain tumour the size of an egg – after losing the ability to crack a JOKE.

Razor-sharp Andrew Llewellyn, 34, used to be the centre of conversation with his hilarious stories and witty wisecracks.

But he then found he could no longer remember his favourite jokes or find the words to make funny remarks.

He went to his GP and while he awaited test results groom-to-be Andrew suffered a huge seizure on his stag do.

Doctors found he had a tumour and a cyst on his brain which were pressing on the part used for speech.

He underwent a four-hour operation to remove the growths – and days later he was back to his old jokey self.

Andrew Llewellyn, 34,  at home near Bridgend, Wales (SWNS Group)

Andrew Llewellyn, 34, at home near Bridgend, Wales (SWNS Group)

Andrew is now well enough to wed his sweetheart Sian Smith, 34, on New Year’s Eve – and delivery a side-splitting groom’s speech.

The VAT office worker said: “By nature, I’m a pretty funny guy but I noticed this change.

“I couldn’t find the right words and it started to really affect me.

“It was really hard. I like making people laugh and having a bit of fun with people but I couldn’t.

“I used to make people really smile at work but I would find I would start a joke.

“I’d have four or five people around me, but I couldn’t find the punch line and I’d have to stop.

“It was embarrassing. People would think I was being odd or ignorant, but actually it was all because of a brain tumour.”

Andrew Llewellyn in hospital being treated for a brain tumor (SWNS Group)

Andrew Llewellyn in hospital being treated for a brain tumor (SWNS Group)

Andrew said he started to feel different in July when he noticed a change in his mood and an inability to find the right words or remember phrases.

He went to his doctor in September who ordered blood tests but when they came back clear his changes were put down to recent weight loss and stress.

He was referred to a memory specialist with a meeting scheduled for the New Year, leaving him half-dreading his upcoming wedding and talking to dozens of people.

It was on his stag do in Edinburgh in November that Andrew collapsed from a massive seizure and he feared he was going to die.

He was resuscitated by his firefighter friend Peter Bevan who gave him CPR.

Medics at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary carried out scans and tests and discovered an egg-sized tumour on the left side of his brain.

A cyst caused by the tumour was pressing on the part of the organ used for speech, explaining Andrew’s inability to tell jokes.

Andrew, from North Cornelly, Bridgend, South Wales, said: “As unusual as it sounds, when they told me I was relieved.

“I finally knew what had been wrong all along, and how they were going to try and fix it.”

Accompanied by fiance Sian, an administrator, Andrew travelled back to the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend and underwent brain surgery on December 10.

Andrew Llewellyn with Sian Smith (SWNS Group)

Andrew Llewellyn with Sian Smith (SWNS Group)

The couple instantly noticed the difference in his speech – and humour – and within days he was back to his usual jokey self.

They are due to walk down the aisle in front of more than 100 friends and family at a converted barn in Llantwit Major on New Year’s Eve.

Biopsy results have since revealed the tumour was cancerous and Andrew is awaiting news of any further treatment he may need next year.

The couple have been forced to cancel their honeymoon to Barbados due to his illness but it will be used by Sian’s parents Peter and Meriol.

Andrew added: “It is going to be an awesome wedding.

“Me and Sian were tight anyway before this, but it has brought us closer together.

“The day will have extra significance now. We’ve got lots to celebrate.”

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