Leona Lewis voted most influential woman of the past 100 years

March 8, 2011 | by | 8 Comments

Leona Lewis has beaten off the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Emmeline Pankhurst and Princess Diana to be voted the most inspirational London woman of the last 100 years.

Leona Lewis voted most influential woman of the past 100 years

The poll, carried out by the Metro for International Women’s Day, saw the warbler taking a massive two-thirds of the votes, beating historical icons such as writer Virginia Wolf and Millicent Fawcett, the founder of the women’s suffrage movement, hands down.

In second place was Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts, closely followed by Maggie Thatcher, firefighter Dany Cotton and Kids Company charity founder Camila Batmanghelidjh.

Bemused readers took to the internet to express confusion as to how the pop star managed to triumph over esteemed novelists, politicians and activists.

One commented on the article: “Her contribution to society over the past 100 years has been immense.

“Apart from winning a singing competition… she has also posed for a number of photo shoots and managed to change her ‘look’ on a number of occasions.

“I look forward to Matt Cardle being voted the most influential man of the last 100 years.”

Another posted on Twitter: “Conclusion: Leona Lewis is the only woman readers have ever heard of.”

All 35 women in the poll are being featured in an exhibition called Our Woman, Our London at London’s City Hall.

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  1. k93mall says:

    Leona Lewis voted most influential woman of the past 100 years! so happy! Leona deserves it!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! SHUT UP HATER!

  2. onewayst says:

    This was a joke – surely. I can’t believe it? Tell me there was some joke campaign organised, please….

  3. Mark J says:

    Emmeline Pankhurst helped women get the vote, and they vote for Leona Lewis. Silly Emily!

  4. Darren Powell says:

    That’s it! – Stop the world, I want to get off!

  5. Josephmarshall1984 says:

    How embarassing. Although i live in London and noone asked me!

  6. Skippy the Wonder Lemur says:


    God I’m bored typing that.

    Good to see the world’s as sane as ever 🙂

  7. Blissfull1 says:

    This is what happens when people stop reading and the teachers pander to the students.

  8. Blissfull1 says:

    Sorry, my comment should have read:
    This is what happens when no-one reads books and educators pander to students:

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