Leisure centre worker falls asleep naked in hot tub… after drunken night out

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A council was investigating today after a leisure centre worker was found in its hot tub – asleep and NAKED.

The male employee apparently used his keys to get into the facility after a boozy Friday night out with friends.

He had a swim in the pool and then stripped off and sat in the jacuzzi – where he nodded off and was found by staff opening up for the day.

Leisure@Cheltenham in Gloucestershire where a worker was found in its hot tub asleep and naked

Leisure@Cheltenham in Gloucestershire where a worker was found in its hot tub asleep and naked

People wanting to use the Leisure@Cheltenham centre the following morning were left queuing outside as it was forced to open late.

The local council and the leisure centre bosses have confirmed they have launched an internal inquiry.

Details of the incident appeared on a Facebook page with one post saying: “It seems that he thought the only way of being certain to not be late in the morning was to go straight into work from his night out.

“Having arrived in the early hours of the morning after one too many.. and having the entire leisure centre to himself, he thought he may as well take advantage and use the facilities.

“But with no one else about there was clearly no need for clothes. Having stripped off he proceeded to have a little stroll around the centre in all his glory.

“He then decided to go for a little swim. A few lengths later and still not feeling the best he thought a nice dip in the Jacuzzi might do the trick.

“It did, so much so he fell into a nice relaxing sleep, leaving him to be discovered by the morning shift eventually getting into work, completely naked and having a little snooze in the jacuzzi. and fair play, he still managed to work the shift. Legend.”

Cheltenham Borough Council in Gloucestershire confirmed an “internal investigation is under way”.

Stephen Petherick, the leisure centre’s general manager, said there has been a lot of “speculation” over the late opening of the centre.

He said: “Leisure@cheltenham was late opening on Saturday morning and we apologise if this caused inconvenience to any of our customers.

“An internal investigation is underway. A lot of speculation and opinion surrounds the reasons for the late opening of leisure@cheltenham on Saturday morning.

“The reasons for the late opening will be established following the council’s internal investigation.”

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