Kompetes – an artistic career on your mobile

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Daniel Asante loves art but hates the plodding process of the art world. That’s why he created Kompetes – a phone app that makes art easy.

There are three key features to the Kompetes app:

  • Artists can enter competitions to win prizes and build their skills
  • The Kompetes community gets to vote on certain competitions and offer feedback to artists
  • Kompetes will make available information about the art world to help all artists and art-lovers develop their appreciation for the art world.


Available through the iOS store, Kompetes aims to give every artist a chance to demonstrate their abilities, every art lover the chance to vote for the art they love, and the art world a chance to be at everybody’s fingertips. This app disrupts the classical process of exhibiting, shortlisting and rewarding art by replacing a slow, elitist approach with an immediate, democratic and exciting platform.

The first two contests: “Kompetes International Art Competition 2016” and “Kompetes International Photography Competition” were profoundly successful, receiving multiple entries and selecting strong winners who demonstrated both technical mastery and passionate vision.

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