Jewellery from 1940s actress Margaret Lockwood sells at auction for £1,500

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Jewellery owned by one of the most popular film stars of the 1940s has sold at auction for almost £1,500.

Margaret Lockwood was best known for her performances in films such as The Wicked Lady and The Lady Vanishes.

Her daughter, Julia Lockwood, had kept some of her jewellery stuffed into a box under a bed.

She decided it was time for the jewels to find a new home and sold them through an auction house this month.

A sapphire and diamond cluster ring fetched £480, while a sapphire and diamond bracelet achieved £920.

The items went under the hammer at Lawrence’s Auctioneers in Crewkerne, Somerset.

Julia Lockwood said: “I didn’t think anyone would get to the auction. I think there were some people on the phone but it’s nice that people still remember her and she still has her supporters.

“My grandchild went along and had a wonderful time, a lot of my mother’s fans were around too. It was all very exciting and she was texting me updates from the auction house.

“There was one that really shocked us, which was a necklace where the reserve was #100 and it eventually went for £500.”

Margaret Lockwood was born in 1916 in Karachi, which was then part of India. She was nominated for a BAFTA in the 1950s and passed away in 1990.

Her old jewellery had been stuffed in a box under her daughter’s bed and was among a number of items sold by Julia Lockwood.

Mrs Lockwood said: “She was a very practical person and she would have said ‘don’t keep them under the bed’.

“I didn’t think they were worth anything as she always used to say that she kept her diamonds and rubies in the bank, and she used to wear a lot of stage jewellery.

“We have got all the movies on DVD and we often wheel them out and all the little children watch them, especially The Wicked Lady which was probably her most famous one.

“The younger grandchildren probably don’t appreciate it as much yet but we are all so proud of what she achieved and she would have liked it that the money made will help out the family.”

Lyndsy Spence, of the Margaret Lockwood Society, said that whoever got their hands on the jewellery was “very lucky indeed”.

She said: “I am not surprised the jewellery proved so popular because aside from it belonging to a famous person the jewellery is stunning.

“Knowing that it belonged to the number one cinema queen of the 1940s only adds to its appeal.

“Margaret was a very beautiful woman, had a lovely speaking voice and was the ultimate screen goddess, but there was nothing standoffish about her.

“She appreciated her fans and that’s important and travelled all over the country during wartime to meet her fans at cinemas in small provincial towns.”

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