Internet vigilante to launch website naming paedophiles

November 5, 2010 | by | 50 Comments

An internet vigilante is publishing an online national database naming and shaming almost 10,0000 paedophiles.

Internet vigilante Chris Wittwer launches paedophile naming website

Campaigner Chris Wittwer, 35, is going to post names, pictures and details of sex offenders across Britain on his site CHRIS (Children Have Rights In Society).

He spent ”every waking hour” for three years gathering police mugshots of registered sex offenders to compile the gallery of sex offenders.

It means anyone can see who has been convicted of a sexual assault in their area.

But the site was slammed by police who said the information may push paedophile rings underground as they move away from areas in a bid to conceal their identity.

There are also fears that vigilante groups may target those named and photographed for reprisals.

Chris, of Exminster, Devon, has spent years creating his comprehensive database, and said parents have the right to know where registered paedophiles live.


Father-of two Chris said: ”It is not just about naming and shaming but also to provide support for all survivors of abuse.

”It has taken three years of research and another six months to get the site set up.

”I feel really proud. It’s quite an achievement and if it helps people spot sex offenders living in their area who are a known risk to children, I’ve done a good thing.”

Chris compiled details of convicted sex offenders by checking local newspapers and court records before cross-referencing them against the national sex offenders’ register.

The ex-Army chef had previously tried to list paedophiles on a Facebook site, which was closed down by police.

But warehouse worker Chris was able to start again after showing he was not breaking any laws by presenting information already in the public domain.

He says he will keep adding to his website until it features details of all all 180,000 convicted paedophiles in Britain.

Chris said: ”Child abuse is a problem in this country that nobody seems to want to tackle head on.

”I certainly don’t want to encourage or condone violence against these offenders, but people need to be aware of dangerous paedophiles living in their area.

”We are predicting so much traffic to the site that we needed to get a special server. It’s a massive project, but totally worthwhile.”

”I get information from anywhere I can”

Chris said he collected names of offenders from various sources including the media, criminal court records and tip-offs from the public.

He has not gained access to the national sex offenders’ register first hand, but claims he has contacts who have helped him to use it to cross-reference his list.

Chris said: ”I get information from anywhere I can, but obviously I need to check it is accurate before it goes online. It is a very time consuming project.”

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said it already followed nationally recognised protocols to manage sex registered sex offenders, which had proved ”effective”.

He said: ”The open disclosure of the details of registered sex offenders, such as that on the CHRIS website, is not a process that Devon & Cornwall Police encourages.

”It is felt this disclosure may actually make it more difficult to manage these individuals, as they become reluctant to keep authorities updated with their living arrangements and they become more difficult to track and manage.

”The website as it stands is not breaking any laws as all the information has previously been published in the public domain.

”However, it is felt the collating and publishing of this material raises awareness of where these individuals are living and ultimately may inhibit people’s safety rather than protecting it – the offenders may seek to move on without updating authorities.”

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  1. guest says:

    yes, push the peadophiles underground. 6 feet down should do it.

  2. Bejeezus says:

    This is hilarious. I can’t wait til somebody guesses this moron’s password and publishes whoever they want on the website.

    • Lille says:

      you have a pretty warped sense of humor then

    • guest says:

      why are yo calling him a moron? hes doing a great service to us all & all of our children while you sit on your backside wasting oxygen & putting sad little comments. go & do something useful you parasite.

    • Bizzzare30 says:

      LMAO!! When i wuz younger i might ave thought da same thing, ya remind me of a younger me. Fuck da world and anyone dat is doin better than me. Life is more than a ride of pleasure. Of course we make it as good as we would like it to be but at the end of the day there are people who don’t ave it as good/easy. If ya cannot help or contribute to these people in any way keep yaself to yaself and live yer life. People in need don’t wanna hear ya negative response, they don’t need it and don’t welcome it. It is yer opinion keep all tucked up in yer own li’ll cusp of “spite” (maybe ye have suffered yaself and are not willin to talk about it?) The world will keep on turnin with or without yer negative comments, which falls on deaf ears.

      • Bizzzare30 says:

        Sometimes ya ave to experience the real negative dat life can throw atcha before ya even come close to commentin on anyone’s experience. C’mon share with us the negative shit dat yer life has thrown at you?. Seriously let us talk about it? :O) Sendin ya much Luv

    • chrissy says:

      @bejeezus…i bet you cant wait till the next childs gets raped & murdered either can you! this is no laughing matter you idiot. these are our children that hes trying to protect, why do you think this is funny?? my guess is you are one of these people that sit on their arses moaning about the state of the country/politics/immigration blah blah & never actually do anything about the situation. maybe try getting behind chris wittwer, show a little support & make your sad life have a little meaning. yopu never know…you may actually like it !!

  3. Jean ackford says:

    you have got Chrris so wwrong he is an amazing guy, and does amazing work.

  4. Rockchic33 says:

    fantastic, someone actually fighting for the protection of our kids!!! keep up the good work chris ur an utter legend!! :)))) and ignore the filthy comments above , they must be talkin about themselves!

  5. Linda says:

    sounds like people are running scared… i,m am 100% behind chris and what he is doing… he has the facts and everyone is checked before being added to his site…this is a site that has been long needed for us to be able to protect our children properly.. these animals are free to roam among us with limited supervision from authorities and until now we didn,t know who they were..they won,t be able to go far underground if we know what they look like…and do authoritys actually think they are operating above ground at the moment, this site makes sure we can recognise them and protect our children accordingly….this site is not just about naming and shaming its also about support and advice for survivors and victims too…

  6. sam says:

    Blc1972, it’s obvious your a very intelligent individual by your spelling!!!! it’s not good to insinuate someone is a paedophile, you have his name and area, see if you can do what he is doing and check him out. This man, Chris Wittwer, has used his own time and resources to reveal to people paedophiles in their local area, something government should’ve done a long time ago. As for forcing these paedophiles underground, that’s total rubbish, as everyone will know who they are, so they wont be able to hide. OUR CHILDREN’S SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT, this man deserves a medal for his work, many thanks Mr Wittwer 🙂

  7. Jayne says:

    is disgusted at a couple of comments on here made towards Chris, what he is doing is in fact quite amazing. Shame the government dont feel as strongly about protecting Children. instead they run around like headless chickens protecting a paedophile. Dont worry about the children’s lives affected by there sick repulsive actions, after all abused children will become adults one day and although struggle with the possibilities of depression and suicide thoughts, and most definitely flashback for the REST of there lives, not forgetting low self-esteem. sleepless nights and very little trust in anyone. The government wont worry about that we will focus on these sick twisted pervs and giving them rights in society. shame on anyone that remotely disagrees with his aim to name and shame… wonder if opinions will change when someone finds out its there neighbour..they take a childs life they should receive nothing more than a life of hell.

  8. Bri Australia says:

    As an advocate for the protection of children, and a worker who deals with the aftermath of destruction the pedophiles leave behind, I find it abhorent that anyone with half a mind could even consider someone such as Chris to be a pedophile or vigilante. This man is keeping all children safe, something that the governments around the world are too scared to do, and the more toes that Chris steps on the thicker the mud gets thrown at him for no other reason than to take the real issue away which is the cover-up of PEDOPHILIA throughout the world. Good on you Chris, we wish you all the best in your challenge and stand beside you to make a difference in all communities.

    • Excellent post, Could not have said it better myself!

    • Evertonian0104 says:

      Good one Bri Maybe we should Introduce Chris to Derryn Hinch these are 2 Top guys

    • Ginasmith1965 says:

      anyone who reacts as a defender of these lifeless abominations are guilty of a crime against an innocent child fact these slugs of society give up there rights when they break the law using a child fear is there only cure teach children to become aware of there behaviour and how to expose them verbally so they become stricken with panic and loose a potential victim who will educate all the friends and children they know how to defend there selves and peadophiles will beg to be isolated in aninvironment who protects them they will eventually expose there idea of there sick frenzy giving us a case file that will expose others .

  9. janey cook says:

    blc1972 i know chris we all do and hes what you call normal hes a father and a hard worker who gives so much of his time money and effort to protect kids!!!!!!!!!! sounds to me that your the paedofille and very scared one as you will be probabley on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whahahahahaha see u there and chris wittwer is a very good man and believe me thousands and if not millions are and will be behind him so go take yourself to your isolated island now blc because you stink a mile of!!!!!!!! stinky.

    • Bizzzare30 says:

      Grow up!

      • Bizzzare30 says:

        I have a child under legal age of consent, if i thought fer one sec anyone had taken advantage of them in any way their town wouldn’t hold them. Oh my! Some people in dis world has a lot to learn.

    • Bizzzare30 says:

      blc1972 i know chris we all do and hes what you call normal hes a father and a hard worker who gives so much of his time money and effort to protect kids!!!!!!!!!! sounds to me that your the paedofille and very scared one as you will be probabley on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whahahahahaha see u there and chris wittwer is a very good man and believe me thousands and if not millions are and will be behind him so go take yourself to your isolated island now blc because you stink a mile of!!!!!!!! stinky.

      You’re Quote in yer own words blc1972 ;Sounds to me that your the paedofille and very scared one as you will be probabley on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whahahahahaha see u there

      whahahahahaha see u there DON’T TELL US U ARE ONE TO?? Grow up! lol think before ya speak. Are ya a parent?

  10. Lane says:

    WELL DONE CHRIS, fantastic work and about time there was something or someone out there to help us protect our kids. Thats is the job of the police to keep track of where these scum bags are and what there doing, more importantly I’d rather know where these scum bags are and to see there faces!!!! I campaigned in the Baby P scandal and maybe, just maybe someone wants to listen to them who have been abused and what its like to live there lives. I for one will aid Chris in whatever way I can as a mum. How anyone can condem such work is unbeleivable!!! Our children have rights, a right to grow up in a safe enviroment. You got my backing Chris 100% Well Done.

  11. The best way to deal with idiots like – Bejeezus / Blc1972 is to ignore them, and show them the contempt they deserve

    – If We dont give them an audience, Then they cant put on a performance!-

    We can all show our support for C.H.R.I.S without getting in to a “Slagging Match” and lowering ourselves to their level.

    Keep up the good work Chris, The mojority Of us, Are with you 100%

  12. MISSY says:

    I have nothing but praise for you Chris, doing all this work, attending rallies, meetings etc. all on your own time and dime. What I am wondering is where is the religious symbol on your neck that BLC mentioned? All I see is the St. Georges cross and that is the FLAG of our country. Hey BLC why don’t you do a little research before you go judging the man. You have a computer (withou spellcheck) use google.

    • Bizzzare30 says:

      Where i come from it don’t matter if ya spell right talk right or wotever we all have our weak points in dis life fer which we should never be judged by because “Namaste OM” we are all one!
      I believe religion to be somethin which is a kinda crowd control. Y know when ya parents told ya if ya done somethin bad “God” will spite ya or ya will be thrown into da lake of fire or da priest/pastor will have ya do so many hail Mary’s in order fer ya to put yer soul at peace. Well let us look at dis present day, wot is it dat people need to regain their respect and faith in human exsistance? Love, Respect fer fellow human,Trust in the people who will and does work for our better exsistance. WE ARE NOT A WORLD FULL OF ARSEHOLES!!. We know already wot it takes to make dis world good fer us now and our generations comin after us.; No matter wot way we spell or wot language we speak we are human and we all have needs and draw from sumthin in dis life.

  13. Ally says:

    This guy is amazing…society doesnt give a crap about the innocent victims and their families.these evil scum wreck lives and thru Chris every child now has a voice and that is to protect others from these waste of space evil hands.
    I am the mother of one of these children and if she hadnt spoke up how many more would there have been?????if they wernt so evil and do these crimes then there would be no need for Chris to be doing this.
    He is a hard working unselfish person and how they can drag the crap up about him,so what he has a past as we all do.
    So many people are jealous because he is brave enough to make a stand.
    Me and my children fully support Chris and yes he has my 15yr old daughters full backing…Chris is her Hero!!!!

  14. D B Mcnamara says:

    i am proud to have chris as a friend,if police,judges,solicitors,barristers would hand out bigher sentances to paedophiles ,maybe there would be less on his list,as for going underground,what a load of crap.always has ,always will be,not stamped on thier heads is it IM A PAEDOPHILE,us parents,gran parents want OUR CHILDREN TO BE SAFE.NOT TO BE SILENCED,we are behind you chris, and as for BIC1972,find out the facts first before you blast CHRIS WITTWER,how many friends have you got on face book,stab him in back and you stab ,victims ,parents and gran parents WHO WANT A BETTER WORLD FOR OUR KIDS so keep your slanerance views to yourself,i could be rude to you,but wont lower myself to your level, WELL DONE CHRIS YOU ARE A DIAMOND DONT GIVE UP THIS FIGHT,YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONG.WE ARE MARCHING WITH YOU and as for tattoo on his neck you BIC 1972 are talking a load of bullsh*t,ppl have devil put on r they one too ,have u got this on you ,dont be so offensive to someone you dont know

  15. Mrs. English says:

    Why is the writer of this article calling Mr. Wittwer a Vigilante?
    Surely the media have a grand understanding of the English Language?
    Mr. Wittwers actions do not amount to acts of vigilantism, and I would deem this artclie as slanderous in Mr. Wittwers name.
    I hope the editor can redeem your good name, by stating the fact that Mr. Wittwer is an activist.
    Naming him as a vigilante is not only slanderous, it is untrue.

    • Bizzzare30 says:

      The writer of dis article might have no children so their ignorance towards child abuse is only words on a page/website or maybe even promotion ” at the expense of others” . Let dis writer grow up a li’ll marry have children luv them like a parent loves their children and dats when da shit hits da fan. All of a sudden they realize wot a big messed up disgustin cringe worthy world dis is,To be a protective and lovin parent in dis big big world of hatred and abuse is one of da biggest jobs. To hell wif da prime minister whose young might never be exposed to the experience da filth of dis world. It is us mums n dads who run dis ship and we run a tight one.Name and shame!! Keep these untrustworthy people away from our children.!!

  16. BriggspamPBriggs says:

    I want to thank this guy chris wittwer for making it possible for helping us parents to keep our children safer on our street. He’s doing the job that the police and courts should be doing, he’s giving hours of his own time, he’s spending most of his free time on this job helpping us parents and victims of sexual abuse so why anypne is against this i have no idea inless they have something to hide. Millions of people are going to benenif from this site the only pleasure chris is getting out of it is the knowledge that hopefully less children will be abused the law should be grateful to him.

  17. cina says:

    I have never had a chance to ask chris personally,why he started doing what he is an amazing thing and i hope that people who find a pedophile living close to them will not take any action apart from keepin their kids safe by tellin the police and keeping their distance.

  18. Josie says:

    Bic you really do speak a load of crap lol but then again being an arsehole what more could we expect now go off and annoy some one else.

  19. Daved says:

    This moron looks like a paedophile himself. This won’t end well

    • chrissy says:

      @daved…..& can you describe exactly what a paedophile looks like from your vast knowledge of them please??….yes exactly….& you have the audacity to call chris a moron!! hahaha. also why will this not end well???…god forbid a paedo may get a punch in the mouth….think of the bigger picture ‘brains’….chris’s website may actually stop another innocent childs life from being shattered !! why should the offender be protected, its about time the children are put first & thats what chris wittwer is making happen. this guys no moron, hes single handedly doing more than all the “agencies” are doing put together !! go chris you are a saint.

  20. Lisamarie says:

    go chris go chris u lot should be on jeremy kyle av u heard yaselfs?lol chris is ace we all know it so why are we bothering with idiots like these???lets just support chris in this and keep slanderous comments to ourselfs!what good are you doin slagging chris off on here?SUPPORT HIM ALL THE WAY HAY HAY LOL

  21. Stuartggray says:

    I’m not sure I like the thought of a convicted football hooligan in charge of something like this…

    • guest says:

      @stuartggray……im not sure i like the idea of a paedophile scout leader/teacher/caretaker/police officer……….the guys had a fight for christs sake.

  22. Oli says:

    Its great in principle; protecting kids. BUT in practice this is a can of worms and I really hope this guy has a good lawyer. If one single person gets named on this site by mistake – even if it was due to hackers – then Chris is going to be taken to the cleaners. This is a very dangerous game. Somebody hacks into this and puts something wrong on there and completely innocent peoples (and their families) lives are going to be ruined.

    • guest says:

      @oli… have a fair point there, but this is what NEEDS to be done as none of the people that SHOULD be doing it aint doing nothing & as a result childrens lives are being shattered!! judging by your obviously an intelligent person so im not going to go into a big right & wrong speech….if we weigh up the odds of a name going on by mistake to how many kids & families this may possibly save from these predators then i personally think its worth every hour chris put in. until our leaders get off their back-sides & something is put in place to protect our children then this is the only way forward…hats off to the guy for his work.

  23. Defense says:

    Sorry to be blunt, but I’ve never seen such a concentration of idiots like i have on this page; there are just too many comments to react to. Chris Wittwer is a THREE TIMES convict of violence. For all you people praising him, you seriously need to educate yourselves some more. The lies poor out from Wittwer and most of his gang aswell. Paedophiles can’t be guilty of thought can they? Well, that’s exactly what society has done to them. The likes of these thugs stirring up hatred and causing a fearfull society, care nothing for children; they care for themselves. The absolute root of his campaign is hatred and violence, and he will NOT last long. He calls paedophiles (those with a preferential attraction to pre-pubescent children): ‘monstrous killing perverts’. I could you tell you so much more about why this guy should be stopped, but i simply dont have the time. Check him out properly, and unless you lack intelligents and common-sense, you will see him for the thug he is. What we have here, is called an ‘acceptance of violence and vigilantism’. Perhaps you need to search properly, so try the key-words: “chris wittwer, violent, football hooligan” and see what you get. Check out his site and look for common-sense. Whats the sense of listing ‘weird perverts’ as a category, when they’re not paedophiles, child abusers or even sex offenders! This site has a link for children, and this is what greets them. Get real folks, this is a repeat performance of ‘gay-bashing’, and we clearly learnt diddly-squat from that! Carefull about your morals until you have learned so much about it, you can say you have a qualified opinion.

  24. Anonymous says:

    How many Devon and Cornwall police are on the list?

  25. dont matter says:

    Oh yes name shame and lock these bastards peados up and put them with the others criminals and if anyone says they need protecting well hell no what about that child that needed to be protected the law didnt do that so yes chris you carry on the work we need someone to let us know there next door to us cause the police will not do it and if i didn’t get imformed there was one next door and he touched my baby believe me i would kill him

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