Inspect the gadget: Brits spend nine hours a day fiddling with technology

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The typical Briton now spends almost NINE HOURS a day fiddling with gadgets, it was revealed yesterday.

Researchers found the average adult uses a computer for four hours a day, plus another hour and a half on a laptop.

In addition they will also surf the web, text and use email or social media on their smart phones for another 56 minutes each day.

Computer games take up another 38 minutes of the average day, while the same amount of time will be spent using an mp3 player.

Stephen Ebbett from gadget insurance firm, which commissioned the research among 3,000 adults, said: ”We all know modern technology plays an important part in everyday life, but it is incredible to think so many hours are spent using gadgets.

”The average person probably isn’t even awake for much longer than 16 hours a day, and more than half of that time is completely dominated by gizmos.

”The fact is many of electrical appliances used regularly – such as the computer, washing machine and microwave – are both necessary and time saving.

”So we might spend a few minutes fiddling with them, but they continue to work and carry out tasks for us even when we’re busy doing something else.”
Brits spend nine hours a day playing with gadgets
The study also showed Brits spend another five minutes setting up the sat nav every day, and 16 minutes switching channels on the television.

Ten minutes are dedicated to setting up the Sky Plus, Tevo or Virgin Catch Up and a further eight minutes will be used up when tinkering with the washing machine.

And we will spend another minute a day setting, or turning off the alarm clock.

But despite relying on gadgets to get them through the day, only a quarter of people admitted they were ‘obsessed’ with them.

Seven out of ten frequently use more than one gadget at a time – often sitting in front of the TV, working on the laptop or checking their mobile phone at the same time.

Eight out of ten people are agree modern gadgets save them loads of time, and 70 per cent dread the thought of any of their gizmos breaking or getting lost.

Astonishingly, 12 per cent of Brits have even been known to dream about their gadgets on occasion.

And almost one in two found it unbelievable some people sill don’t own a mobile phone or laptop.

And six out of ten said they were surprised at how much they depend on modern technology.


Microwave – 10 minutes
Computer – 4 hours 5 minutes
Laptop – 1 hour 34 minutes
Smart phone – 56 minutes
MP3 player – 38 minutes
Sat Nav – 5 minutes
Television – 16 minutes
Sky Plus – 10 minutes
Computer games – 38 minutes
Clock radio – 1 minute
Washing machine – 8 minutes


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