How to create a warm office in Winter

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Most office refits are intended to remain in place for quite some time, so creating a seasonally appropriate vibe is not, at first glance, all that easy. Light, airy features that might look great in the summer may not seem quite so appealing in the darker, cooler days of winter. However, the different seasons can still inspire aspects of an office fit out, especially if they can be switched round easily as the natural light and temperatures change.

Now, as the nights begin to draw in, the Complete Interiors team has come up with some ideas to add a cosier touch to winter office refurbishments that won’t look out of place later in the year.

Warm surfaces

Introducing richer woods for desks and shelves will add a feeling of warmth to any room, especially deep shades of red or chocolate brown. Curved office chairs add a sense of comfort too, while filing cabinets and storage racks offer great opportunities for winter design, as do formal meeting room tables and chairs using soft, warm textures.

A warm office in Winter can make all the difference

A warm office in Winter can make all the difference

Effective lighting

Lighting can make or break the atmosphere of an office. While you obviously need enough light to see properly to do your work, opting for a softer tone and lots of different lighting options will help keep winter blues at bay. If you’re planning a major office refit, consider where to place your windows to get maximum benefit from the winter sun. Afternoons get dark quickly once winter truly sets in, so having decent blinds at the windows will shut out the glare of car headlights, and thereby avoid any irritation or distraction from them swishing past.

Cosy colours

Winter calls for rich colours, such as reds, browns and deep blues or greens. Clearly, you can’t redecorate every three months, but adding seasonal accents, such as cushions, plant pots, pictures and mugs is easy to do and simple to change. If you are keen to make more dramatic changes, having a feature wall in a seasonal colour will add impact and flair.

Solid storage

One secret of running an efficient office is to have a place for everything and plenty of room to move about. This applies not only to paperwork, equipment and stationery, but also to employee’s own belongings; winter brings overcoats and umbrellas, which can look dreadful draped around the room. Having a coat stand and place to store dripping umbrellas will keep the office tidy and offer a better welcome to staff and visitors alike.

Plant life

Plants automatically lift the mood and are the easiest thing to sort out in an office refurbishment. Summer flowering specimens can look lovely later on in the year, but the autumn and winter months call for plants with colourful foliage and dramatic shapes. Suggestions include cacti and lilies, with poinsettias and cyclamen ideal over Christmas with their red blooms. As spring starts to re-appear, adding splashes of pastel shades in the guise of hyacinths and violets will ease the transition to a lighter decor.

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