High tech wallet stops thieves from nabbing your cash

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High-tech thieves after your cash are being thwarted by a new product which turns your wallet or purse into a – SAFE.

Many modern cards use RFID technology which allow users to pay for goods by scanning them at the till.

But police have issued warnings after criminals began working on ways to use remote scanners to hack the chips while still in a pocket or bag.

The trendy Pocket Vault keeps your cards secure from unwanted payments

The new Pocket Vault has a tough casing which protects chip and pin debit and credit cards from thieves and rogue card payment machines.

Its aluminium case contains space for eight cards, and keeps personal information secure because it stops the transmitter’s signal.

Ken Daly, CEO of JML said: “The Pocket Vault is an incredible innovation that stops thieves getting at your hard-earned money.

“We’ve launched this in response to recent security concerns about contactless payment.

“We expect to sell thousands over the coming months as shoppers become more security-conscious.”

Available in black, white and chrome, the Pocket Vault is on sale at www.JMLdirect.com priced £14.99.

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