Google Street View captures naked man reading book

November 25, 2010 | by | 2 Comments

This bizarre picture of an apparently naked man reading a book has appeared on Google Street View.

 Google Street View captures naked man reading book

The mystery man is sitting on a bench on the veranda of his home with a pair of shorts to his side.

He is holding a book in one hand with the other covering his modesty.

The picture was captured by one of Google Street View’s camera cars on a suburban road in Saint-Guillaume, Quebec, Canada.

It comes just days after a German man was exposed on Google in the boot of a Mercedes convertible – also appearing to be naked.

 Google Street View captures naked man reading book

Since Google Street View was initially launched in May 2007, a series of odd images and been noticed on the controversial service.

This includes a man wandering down a Scottish road wearing a horse’s head and Paddington Bear spotted outside the British Museum in London while The Stig was captured driving a miniature car at Legoland.

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  1. Bob says:

    Sigh. Orange shorts. Shirt on bench next to him. He’s reading topless. No story

  2. Pigletsahoy says:

    Doesn’t it get a bit chilly for naked reading in Canada?

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