Google algorithm infographic celebrates search engine’s birthday

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A new infographic explains how Google’s notorious algorithm updates have improved the quality of online content and changed the face of digital content marketing.

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Published in time to celebrate the 18th anniversary of its domain registration, ‘Google’s algorithm updates: 1997-2015’, by Lancashire marketing agency every1, shows what each update was designed to achieve and Google’s overall influence on content marketing and SEO.

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Jackie Yeadon, Head of Content at every1, said: “The algorithm updates have been demanding and disruptive, especially for businesses that incurred a penalty, or whose search rankings and profits suffered as a result.

“The benefits are far-reaching though.

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“What this infographic demonstrates is, by meeting or exceeding Google’s standards for content quality and ethical SEO techniques, businesses are able to differentiate their brands from the competition, and increase customer loyalty and trust in a sustainable way.”

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Google’s .com domain name was first registered in 1997.

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The company was incorporated the year after, and has adopted an official birthday of 27th September.

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Its global market share is currently around 67%, which rises to around 88% for search share in the UK.

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