Drive a hard bargain! Gold-plated golf clubs go on sale… for £50,000

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Golfers will have to drive a hard bargain to get their hands on this set of gold-plated clubs – which are on sale for a staggering £50,000.

Japanese firm Honma has celebrated its 55th anniversary with the launch of the special edition ‘5-star series’.

The clubs, which are gold and platinum plated, will set back the buyer around £50,000 with the super-wealthy able to spend even more customising them.

The gold-plated set of clubs which on sale for a staggering £50,000

The gold-plated set of clubs which on sale for a staggering £50,000

This means that for the same price as one set of golf clubs, you could by three Volkswagen Golf cars.

Only 550 full sets will be produced under the Honma ‘5-star’ series, a brand favoured by controversial billionaire Donald Trump.

Each of the special edition clubs has a 24k gold ingot embedded in the bottom of the grip.

It is claimed more than 100 craftsmen work on each club, with Honma making the shaft in-house by hand.

But incredibly, the 5-star series ISN’T the most expensive set of clubs in the world, with Honma also offering a ‘Tour World’ set for £62,000.

Andy Hiseman, spokesperson for the firm, said: “Honma are generally for the better golfer. They are handmade to order in Japan.

“They are for sale in Harrods and in several places around the country and every week people will go in and ask for ‘the most expensive clubs’.

“They are the ultimate in quality and you pay for it. Honma clubs are are the Bugatti Veyron of the golf world.”

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