Getty Images Acquires Pixsy

April 1, 2016 | by | 1 Comment

PIXSYStrategic acquisition will re-establish leadership in online photography marketplace.

Getty Images, a premier creator and distributor of imagery and media, today announced the acquisition of Pixsy, one of the leading platforms for independent artists and photographers to identify the use of their work online.

The acquisition will couple Getty Images’ digital content licensing expertise with Pixsy’s technology in developing new solutions for customers.

Under the terms of the agreement, Getty Images will acquire Pixsy for $420 million.

“With the rapid growth of Getty Image’s copyright enforcement program and artists’ rising demands for increased pay, Getty Images will benefit from the goodwill Pixsy has created with photographers around the world,” said Daniel Foster, founder of Pixsy.

“The acquisition will benefit both the content owners and content users, marking the beginning of the world’s most effective solution for image identification and use.”

Getty Images plans to continue support and development of Pixsy’s matching algorithm and copyright management platform.

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  1. Celeste O'Keefe says:

    Is is a FALSE Press release and I think Pixsy is running a SCAM, read below what is happening to me:

    Regardless, it is unethical for Pixsy to send out a FALSE press release especially when I believe the founder, Daniel Foster, is running a SCAM in the US. One of his photos was posted on Photopin, a free platform for bloggers, and I used it in a blog. Six months later I get a letter from his attorney, David Deal, stating I owe $2,500 or I would be sued. I let him know I found it on Photopin for free and now the link is broke and the photo is no longer on Photopin.
    So does Pixsy act as a cover to squeeze money out of people? The new Mafia? I turned them over to the Mississippi Attorney General to find out.

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