Game Over – Sony pulls the plug on PlayStation 2 after 13 years and 150 million sold

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Sony has ended production of the world’s most popular games console, the PlayStation 2, after selling 150 million units over the last 13 years.

The machine was first produced in 2000 and became hugely popular because its DVD player made it the first multi-media home console.

But it has since been replaced by the PlayStation 3 and Sony is now preparing to launch the PlayStation 4, which is due to be unveiled in June.

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Sony released several different version of the console, which was credited with improving its longevity

A games industry source said: “Sony have finally packed up production on the PS2.

“It is sad times that they have stopped making the iconic console, but Sony are concentrating all their efforts on the forthcoming PlayStation 4.

“The PS2 captured the interest of millions of children worldwide, and formed an integral part of their childhood.”

Sony has sold a staggering 1.5billion games for the PS2, including five Grand Theft Auto titles, as well as Tomb Raider Legends and Final Fantasy X.

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