Four-Year-Old Wants To Donate All His Presents To The Homeless

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Tyler Rowland at his home in Devon

Tyler Rowland at his home in Devon

Britain’s most kind-hearted toddler has been revealed as a four-year-old boy who told his parents he wanted to give all his presents – to the HOMELESS.

Mum-of-two Lorelei Rowland was reduced to tears when little Tyler came up with the idea.

Spurred on by his generous festive spirit, the family are now collecting items on behalf of their son for a rough sleeper.

Lorelei said: “On Christmas Eve we’ll go out in town and give the box to someone who is homeless – it’ll be completely Tyler’s choice.

“I’m welling up just thinking about it. He’s brought the magic of Christmas to our home.

“Help my son’s wish come true and help him build this box of presents by donating whatever you can.

“He’s ever so excited to give the box out – it’ll have all the essentials in it.”

swns_tyler_rowland_04The family are asking people to give items including a sleeping bag, blanket, coat, jumper, trousers, shoes, socks, toiletries, tooth brush, hair brush, food, drink, and a small present.

Lorelei said: “Tyler was talking about presents at Christmas time and said: ‘Lots of boys and girls don’t get presents or have a home do they, mummy?

“Can we make a box of presents for a homeless person please? I want to make them smile because it’s Christmas.’

“He said he wanted to build them a home too, but I told him we can’t quite afford that.”

Lorelei and partner Shiva Jani, of Plymouth, Devon, have both spent time homeless and were touched by the four-year-old’s desire to help people in need.

Tyler first learnt what it means to be homeless while out with his family just a few weeks ago.

(L-R) Tyler Rowland , Shiva Jani, Leia Rowland and Lorelei  Rowland

(L-R) Tyler Rowland , Shiva Jani, Leia Rowland and Lorelei Rowland

Lorelai added: “We were walking in town and I was preoccupied with my other little one, Leia, and Tyler asked my partner Shiva why a man was sleeping in the doorway of one of the shops.

“Shiva explained that the man was homeless. Tyler has always donated toys he’s outgrown to charity, but after seeing that man, homelessness must have really caught his attention.”

If the family receive more donations than they need to fill one box they will make more to give out on the night.

Lorelai added: “We’re struggling ourselves and having to use food banks and my son has picked up that we’re struggling,

“Tyler is ever so kind and always shares with his little sister.

“He just wants to make someone else’s Christmas special. I’m so proud to call him my son – he’s a credit to our family.”

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