A brief fling: It’s not just women that pick out underwear for a date…

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Men are just as likely to brush up on a first date

Six out of ten men have lucky underpants they wear on first dates, it has emerged. Researchers found that modern men go to extreme lengths to impress on a first date and pride in appearance, whether below the belt or not, is high on the list.

As well as wearing lucky underwear, over a third buy new clothes and nearly a fifth of men would get a new haircut- one in 20 even go on a diet before the big night.

Additionally, the survey of over 1,000 adults found one in five men would happily seal the deal by saying ‘I love you’ by text, but not in person.

A spokeswoman for online dating site, for2.co, which commissioned the report, said:

”A first date is very important for both men and women as the first impression really counts.

”Men are becoming as careful about their appearance and grooming as women have always been on dates.

”It could be the TOWIE effect; people are getting more used to seeing men looking after themselves, with fake tans and carefully coiffed hairstyles and good physiques.

”But even though they are putting more effort it to their looks, most men are still quite superstitious and have lucky pants which get dug out and worn on many a first date.”

The study also found men believe a good sense of humour is the most important asset for a potential date.



The spokeswoman for for2.co continued:

”Some things never change, and the cliché about people looking for a potential partner with a GSOH is still true today.

”With the rise of the romcom and comedians becoming huge stars, a good sense of humour has never been more attractive, for men as well as women.”

It also emerged that women aren’t quite the gold-diggers some people expect- they would rather date a toyboy than someone ten years older.

Only one in three men said their ideal girlfriend would be the same age as them.

The for2.co spokeswoman added:

”Women used to be okay with dating an older man but not a younger one, but the situation has reversed.

”Firstly high-earning women don’t need to look to older men for money anymore, and aspirational women like Madonna, Kylie and Caroline Flack have normalised the behaviour of dating men considerably younger than them.

”Add to this the fact that women are looking much younger for longer, with many in their 40s and 50s passing for 30 year olds, and it looks like the cougar is here to stay.”

The survey also showed that men were far more likely to want to have sex on the third date.

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