First picture of “naughty” blonde, 26, jailed for having sex with 14-year-old boy

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A mum-of-two convicted of having sex with a 14-year-old boy posted scantily-clad pictures of herself on internet dating sites, it emerged today.

Damien Ramsey has

Shameless Susanne Divers, 26, described herself as ”naughty”, ”passionate” and ”daring” on a lonely hearts site.

The blonde – pictured in hot pants, fishnets and knee-high leather boots – brags about being a fan of erotic fiction and lists her party trick as putting her leg around her neck.

Tattooed Driver also states her best piece of advice is ”stop thinkin’ start drinkin”.

In another snap she poses in a French maid’s outfit with her finger provocatively placed in her mouth.

Divers was caught in bed with the teenager when her partner came home unexpectedly from work.

A court heard she befriended the boy last year during a party where she was dared to kiss him.

She met him for secret sex sessions for two months and the pair also swapped saucy messages and naked pictures of each other.

The boy was so chuffed about the affair he bragged to his mates on on Facebook: ”I’ve got the best girl in the world.”

Divers, from Melton Mowbray, Leics., pleaded guilty to eight offences of sexual activity between December 28, 2009 and February 2 this year.

She sobbed in the dock when she was jailed for three years at Leicester Crown Court last Friday (17/12) and ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

But it emerged today that the saucy temptress had logged on to website, using the nickname Afroditee84.

She joined up to the site – which claims to hook up almost 22,000 singles across the UK – while living in Leadgate, County Durham.

The blue-eyed, tattooed, sex offender describes herself on the dating website as ”attractive” and claims to have body piercings.

She claims to be ”adventurous” and ”assertive” – and also lists herself as ”naughty”, ”passionate”, ”persistent” and ”open minded”.

The mum of two young boys ranked clubbing and drinking alongside ”her children” as interests, as well as shopping and sunbathing.

Erotic horror novel Once, by James Herbert, is given as her favourite read.

The sexually-explicit bestseller, which follows a man on a journey confronting his demons, is described on one fan site as being a romp through ”perverted passion”.

Divers also jokes that whether her glass is half-full or half-empty ”depends what’s in it”.

The Virgo lists three things she couldn’t live without as: ”my boys, music and mobile” and gives her ideal man as Orlando Bloom.

Her best piece of advice on Singleletsmingle is ”stop thinkin’ start drinkin” and her party trick is ”putting my leg around my neck”.

She describes herself as ”definitely” a night person and claims she is looking for ”a lot” in a relationship.

Divers lists her last relationship as lasting for two years and writes that she thinks love is a ”myth”.

The kinky blonde also posed in an embroidered bra to sign up for film fan site Flixster three years ago.

Giving her name as ”Susie Diver”, the sultry lady lists dance flick Honey as her favourite movie.

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  1. Dmcworks says:

    why do we care? At least she is looking for adults now.

  2. Alisonhynes says:

    Lucky little bastard.

    • Chris from NH/USA says:

      Exactly. I would be pumped if I could bone a hot 26 year old when I was 14.I think it’s rediculous that this girl has to be jailed for 3 years and have the HUGE HUGE stigma of the sex offenders registry. I mean, it’s sad that this girl is being dumped in the same bucket as some creepy ass old man preying on little kids… I think there’s a big difference here. You think this is going to mess that kid up at all? Hell no he’s bragging to his bros as would I. If anything, he’s probably better off for it.

  3. Mattbluesman says:

    Very hot but I’d be afraid to get the herpalerps

  4. Buster1976 says:

    “Once”, by James Herbert isn’t erotic!

  5. El polacko says:

    if this were a straight man and a 14-year-old girl (or a gay man and a boy) you lot would be screaming for his head and decrying the child’s loss of innocence. we have no idea what emotional and mental scars this boy may have as an adult as a result of his being seduced by an adult. she deserves her punishment and is in need of therapy for her paedophilia.

  6. ScouseHouse says:

    i’d let her sit on my face and ride me like a cowgirl whatever my age hahaha

  7. woolyleprechaun says:

    did i jst walk in on a private discussion for randy lads? im a mum of wee lads,n id want the same justice for my sons as i would if sum dirty man seduced my underage daughter. god, the thought. i will leave y’all 2 ur wankathon now chaps

  8. deano says:

    Lucky bastard why couldn’t that of been me when i was 14…….

  9. The Scunner Campbell says:

    Simple fact is this. Hed it been a male predator – the Law would have thrown the bloody book at him. Eight years at least.
    However – it’s a female predator, and as we all know (or are repeatedly told); there are no female predators. Are there?

  10. Apeshit52 says:


  11. Bert says:

    Who cares

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