‘Fergie Time’ to grant gamers an extra few minutes to clinch the win

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While Sir Alex Ferguson can now kick back and enjoy a spot of fishing during his retirement, his legacy has been immortalised by one cheeky games company.

The makers of new game Lords of Football have introduced an update which grants losing teams a few extra vital minutes to clinch the win.

The so-called ‘Fergie Time’ is a cheeky reference to the supposedly excessive amount of extra time the Red Devils, under the Glaswegian manager, received at the end of matches.

The developers have also included this reference to Sir Alex finally having the time to sit back and enjoy a spot of fishing

Players using the update will see any injury time gained in games renamed after the legendary manager.

And even the team itself seem to appreciate the gesture.

A Manchester United insider said: “Sir Alex would love it.

“It was always a bit of a joke when he was accused of getting more time to win, so now that someone has made it true, he’d love it.

“It’s a great tribute to a legendary manager.”

Lords of Football, by independent video games developer Geniaware, is out now on PC.

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