Female police officer leaps into powerful river to pull drowning woman 50 metres to safety

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This is the dramatic moment a pint-sized female police officer bravely dived into a powerful river and dragged a drowning woman 50 METRES to safety.

Sergeant Heather Sutton, 27, received a commendation after saving the struggling woman – who was spotted struggling for breath in the middle of the River Trent.

A passerby captured the amazing rescue which shows Sgt Sutton swimming to the stranded woman before hauling her to shore.

In one heart-stopping moment, the pair of them disappear briefly under the water as the 5ft 1ins tall officer desperately fights against the surging current.

Incredibly, super-strong Sgt Sutton managed to swim to shore and the woman was hauled to safety.

She leapt into action on June 4 last year after spotting the woman in trouble and deciding it would take too long to wait for specialist rescue equipment to arrive.

On Wednesday (29/1) the pretty brunette received a commendation from Nottinghamshire Police for her selfless actions.

The woman she saved, who has not been named, was taken to hospital after the terrifying ordeal – and suffered a fit while in the ambulance.

Sergeant Sutton said: “The lady was struggling and her head kept going underwater – you could say she was drowning.

“The fire service were preparing their rescue, but I made the call to go in first. I know from experience that it takes time for them to get their ladders together.

“I didn’t think we could wait any longer – she was sinking and was clearly extremely tired.
I didn’t feel like I could stand at the bank and watch her drown.

“She was really quite scared.

“My team were great. It’s our job to save lives and it’s really nice to be appreciated for that.”

Seventeen officers were handed the awards alongside members of the public at the ceremony on Wednesday night.

Speaking after the awards Chief Constable Chris Eire said: “Events like this are a fitting tribute to honour the extraordinary efforts made by police officers, staff, specials, volunteers and members of the public.

“We are able to acknowledge their dedication and long service as well as the courage, professionalism and commitment shown in exceptional circumstances.

“They all deserve our thanks, praise and admiration, and it is a real privilege to be able to present them with commendations and awards.”

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