Exploding bus caught on camera

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This is the moment a bus slowing down for some traffic lights is captured on camera – BLOWING UP.

The compressed natural gas bus exploded in Seoul, South Korea on Monday injuring 17, one of which seriously.

As the bus slowed towards the traffic lights in the city centre, it suddenly explodes blowing debris and huge puffs of smoke onto nearby motorists including a motorcyclist.

Police suspect one of the vehicle’s seven gas tanks exploded due to the ongoing heatwave which has seen temperatures in Seoul rise consistently above 30 degrees.

A shocked eyewitness told Korean paper Joong Ang Daily: “I heard an explosive blast and saw smoke shooting from the bus.

“I saw a woman with a serious injury to her ankle and the driver, who was covered in debris and walked out of the bus.”

According to reports, twelve bus passengers and five pedestrians were among those injured while surrounding cars also suffered significant damage. The force of the explosion was so severe some windows in nearby buildings smashed.

It’s the EIGHTH time a CNG bus has exploded in Seoul since the vehicles were introduced to the capital city in 2002 with 95 per cent of the city’s 25,000 buses converted to run on the gas.

The tanks are supposed to have a lifespan of 15 years with this model’s manufactured in 2000.

Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy says it will be carrying out a string of safety checks on the buses which were introduced in an effort to reduce air pollution.

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