Escaped Terrier’s Tubby Tummy Wedges Her Between Railing

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Pictured is Poppy stuck in a fence in Bexleyhealth, south east London.

Pictured is Poppy stuck in a fence in Bexleyhealth, south east London.

A five-year-old long-haired Jack Russell terrier bid for freedom after escaping from her garden ended abruptly – after she her tubby tummy became wedged between fence railings.

Poppy was enjoying being let off the lead so much that she ran at speed hoping to dart through the railings and carry on her adventures – until her midriff became her undoing.

The hapless pooch was left stuck with her head and front paws on one side and her now unwagging tail and back paws on the other.

The forlorn pooch was found by a member of the public who thinking she was a stray called the RSPCA to help free the stricken canine.

The RSPCA and Kent firefighters helped Poppy get free from the railings by stretching the bars to release her before pushing them back into their original position.

Once free, Poppy was taken to a nearby vet for a check-up and they soon discovered that Poppy had actually escaped from the garden of her home half a mile away.

The cheeky mutt had escaped from her owner’s garden after builders working on an extension removed the fence panels and replaced them with a makeshift barrier which she soon managed to squeeze through.

Poppy’s owner Julia Clifford said: “It was actually a Godsend that she got stuck in that fence because it could well have saved her life.

“I was so relieved that she was home, safe and sound, and hadn’t run into the road or been hit by a car.”


The adventurous dog got in the tight spot in Danson Park, Bexleyheath, south east London, on Thursday afternoon.

Animal collection officer (ACO) Kirstie Gillard from the RSPCA said: “The terrier had got herself well and truly wedged between the railings.

“She must have been running at some speed as her head and her two front legs were both through the gap with her body wedged between the two metal railings around her tummy.

“I don’t know how she did it, there was no give in those bars.

“She was quite nervous and probably very uncomfortable so we set to work right away carefully trying to free her.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to Kent Fire & Rescue Service for helping us release Poppy.

“I’m so pleased little Poppy wasn’t hurt and we were able to release her from her pickle and get her back home where she belongs.

“She certainly had quite an adventure so I’m glad to hear she’s off to have a hair cut and enjoy some pampering this week – and I hope she stays out of trouble.”

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