England football squad voted Biggest Waste of Space after World Cup disaster

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The England World Cup football team have been named and shamed as the Biggest Waste of Space Ever.

Wayne Rooney and Co’s heartless display in the 4-1 Second Round defeat by bitter rivals Germany left them ahead of mega-boobed model Jordan in the poll.

England boss Fabio Capello, who cunningly signed a lucrative £6m a year contract before the tournament debacle, came third.

Capello even beat the Eurovision Song Contest, Jodie Marsh and mini roundabouts, which came 4th, 7th and 12th respectively.

Yesterday a spokesman for www.OnePoll.com, which polled 4,000 adults, said: ”The England team won by a mile. The poll was as one-sided as the Germany game.

”The feeling among the English public is that these guys just don’t have the heart, desire or determination to represent our proud nation.

”They beat Jordan to claim the title, but on current form it is probably a surprise that they even managed that to be honest.

”Capello didn’t fare much better.

”He was voted a bigger waste of space than Peaches Geldolf and the Cheeky Girls, who could have done a better job of managing our team than he did.”

The rest of the top ten was made up of Kerry Katona (5th), Paris Hilton (6th), Boris Johnson (8th), former PM Gordon Brown in ninth and McDonald’s salads in tenth.

Other celebrities to feature in the top 25 were Heather Mills at number 11, Calum Best at 13, Danielle Lloyd at 25 and Adrian Chiles at 16.

Pop Star flops The Cheeky Girls are at number 17 while Channel 4’s Big Brother was  number 30.

Further down mopeds, shoe horns and fitness DVDs made the list as did Dean Gaffney and train timetables.

Top 50 Wastes of Space

1.    The England team
2.    Jordan
3.    Fabio Capello
4.    Eurovision Song Contest
5.    Kerry Katona
6.    Paris Hilton
7.    Jodie Marsh
8.    Boris Johnson
9.    Gordon Brown
10.    McDonald’s salads
11.    Heather Mills
12.    Mini roundabouts
13.    Calum Best
14.    Personal number plates
15.    Peaches Geldolf
16.    Adrian Chiles
17.    The Cheeky Girls
18.    Digital photo frames
19.    Traffic wardens
20.    Teas maids
21.    Padded coat hangers
22.    The Monster Raving Loony Party
23.    Quilted toilet paper
24.    Terminal 5
25.    Danielle Lloyd
26.    Potpourri
27.    Fiona Phillips
28.    Skimmed milk
29.    Cherie Blair
30.    Big Brother
31.    Fitness DVDs
32.    Trouser presses
33.    Michelle Heaton
34.    Highways agency motorway patrol
35.    Dean Gaffney
36.    Don’t Forget the Lyrics! show
37.    The sport of curling
38.    Mini-disc players
39.    Paul Danan
40.    Lava lamps
41.    Mopeds
42.    Shoe horns
43.    Foreign call centres
44.    Christine Hamilton
45.    Facial saunas
46.    Sadie Frost
47.    Electric toothbrushes
48.    Keith Chegwin
49.    Train timetables
50.    Darren Day

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