EastEnders is a dog’s favourite TV show

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EastEnders is the favourite television programme of the nation’s dogs, a study revealed today.

A poll of dog owners found pooches up and down Britain are more likely to settle down and enjoy the long-running BBC soap opera than any other show.

The Dog Whisperer, X Factor and Crufts also emerged as programmes dogs will happily sit through.

One in five owners said they dog regularly parked itself in front of the box at the first beat of the EastEnders theme tune.

And nine out of ten said their dogs ‘like television’.

Nikki Sellers, head of esure pet insurance, which conducted the poll of 3,000 dog owners, said: ”This research indicates the human / dog divide narrows in front of the telly with many dogs as in tune with what’s on as their owners.

”Pawing remote controls, barking at dramas and howling when a favourite programme comes on suggest an emotional reaction as strong as that of human TV lovers.”

The study also found dogs love Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale.

And sports programmes such as football, horse racing, tennis and snooker also appeal to Britain’s mutts.

Other popular shows include Britain’s Got Talent, The Simpsons and Doctor Who.

One in three people said they believed their dog had a ‘real understanding’ of what was going.

Interestingly, a fifth of people even claim certain celebrities attract the attention of their pet when they appear on the TV.

Dogs are said to respond to celebrities such as Alan Carr, Paul O’Grady and Cheryl Cole – all of whom have distinctive voices.

One in five said their dogs howl along to theme tunes.

Nikki Sellers added: ”While a dip into EastEnders if fine for a dog relaxing of an evening, regular exercise is an important part of responsible pet ownership so owners should avoid encouraging couch potato tendencies in their pets.

”A healthier dog may lead to fewer costly trips to the vet too but for any advice on looking after a dog properly, owners should seek professional help.

”Esure pet insurance customers can call its 24-hour ‘Health and Wellbeing’ line where veterinary professional are available to offer advice and tips on all aspects of pets’ health.”

1. EastEnders
2. The Dog Whisperer
3. The X Factor
4. Crufts
5. Coronation Street
6. Britain’s Got Talent
7. It’s Me or the Dog
8. Football
9. Doctor Who
10. Horse Racing
11. Wimbledon
12. Harry Hill’s TV Burp
13. The Simpsons
14. Big Brother
15. Hollyoaks
16. Snooker
17. Garfield
18. Planet Earth
19. The Jeremy Kyle Show
20. Emmerdale

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