Dog born without front legs hops around like a kangaroo

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A determined chihuahua born without front legs refuses to let his disability hold him back – by hopping around on his stumps like a KANGAROO.

Roo, a 5-month-old Chihuahua born without front legs, hops about outside his home in Nelson, Lancashire (Ross Parry / SWNS)

Roo, a 5-month-old Chihuahua born without front legs, hops about outside his home in Nelson, Lancashire (Ross Parry / SWNS)

Loveable Roo was given to a rescue centre in Colne, Lancs. when he was only six weeks and now five months old, he has flourished.

He has learned to move around using just his back legs – and hopping.

Despite adapting to his condition, bosses at the centre are keen to get Roo even more mobile and are asking for help to design him some wheels.

Paula Knowles, who runs Pendle Dogs in Need, said the wheels would allow Roo to play outside – something he is desperate to do.
RPY_ROO_DOG_14Paula said Roo is a strong character and has developed from a timid little dog in an unbelievable personality.

She said: “He doesn’t realise there is anything wrong with him and acts like a normal chihuahua, he climbs the stairs if you don’t keep an eye on him.

“He uses his long back legs to jump around the house like a kangaroo, which is why we called him Roo. It’s really cute and he’s really determined not to be held back by his disability.

“He lives with my colleague Angela Cooper and has a brilliant relationship with her dog Sebastian, a Staffordshire bull terrier cross breed. Sebastian is so gentle with him and it’s wonderful to see Roo interact with another dog.

“Roo copes fabulously in the house and is very mobile. But we can’t let him go outside in case he gets injured and he really wants the opportunity to play with other dogs.
“We have contacted Noel Fitzpatrick from BBC One’s Bionic Vet and he could fit him with some false legs but if that doesn’t work then Roo has lost his stumps altogether.

“We’re just hoping that someone in the immediate area can help design him some front wheels – he just needs something simple.”

“We’re desperate to help Roo lead a normal life and we think that some locally made wheels will really help. Unfortunately, it’s very unusual for a dog to need wheels for their front legs.”

Other than his legs, there is nothing wrong with Roo who had a full health check when he first arrived at the centre.

Paula said: “We think it may be a genetic disorder but no one is really sure. Whatever Roo had come in with, we knew we would have helped him and found a way to cope.

“Now we just need someone out there can help him become even more mobile.”

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