Doctor Who fan watches all 798 episodes… in time for 50th anniversary show

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A Doctor Who fan has been stuck in a timewarp after watching all 798 episodes of the hit show – in time for the 50th anniversary show.

Tom Jessop, 29, has watched more than 3,000 hours of the popular sci-fi drama in chronological order over the past ten months.

The cinema worker, from Yeovil, set himself the challenge after plans for a 50th anniversary special were announced.

Superfan Tom has met all of the surviving doctors over the past 13 years – with Colin Baker being his favourite time lord.

He said: “This weekend has been etched in my mind for years. I have watched every episode in the transmission order ahead of the anniversary.

“Doctor Who is a British institution, but I don’t think it ever intended to run as long as it has.

“I think it was only ever meant to be 13 episodes but due to the success of the Daleks, it has kept going.”

Tom, who started his quest in January, crammed in one episode before heading off to work and would catch others throughout the day on DVDs, online, or through off air recordings.

To enhance his experience he has also listened to all of the soundtracks that accompany the series.

Tom became a fan of the show, which has been running for five decades, after randomly coming across an episode on a TV channel.

He said: “I first became a fan in 1998 when I was flicking through the channels and saw an episode featuring John Pertwee. My dad said he used to watch it as a kid, so I thought I’d give it a chance.

“Since then I’ve just loved it. The era of each doctor is different but it is still the same programme. I think it’s unique.”

He added that he will be watching ‘The Day of the Doctor’ at the cinema where he works this Saturday evening, dressed as time lord Peter Davison.

The special episode will feature a number of former cast members including David Tennant, Matt Smith and Billie Piper.

Now he has finished working his way through the episodes he says he hopes to go back and watch the missing episodes that have now been rediscovered.

He added that he was likely to rewatch some of his favourite episodes, including ‘Genesis of the Daleks’, ‘Inferno’ and ‘The Two Doctors’.

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