Disney refuses entry to mum for looking like a princess

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A mum and daughter were stunned after being refused entry to Disneyland because they were dressed – as FAIRY PRINCESSES.

Outraged Natasha Narula took eight-year-old Drew to the theme park in Paris to celebrate her 35th birthday.

But they were hauled out of the queue by three burly security guards when they turned up at the park on Natasha’s birthday – April 1.

Mother-of-two Natasha was told her white £20 Oxfam wedding dress was ”too pretty” and she may have been mistaken for a member of staff at the park.

She said: ”The security guards bustled us out of the queue and one of them said: ‘I’m sorry Miss your dress is too pretty.

”At first I thought someone was playing a joke on me because it was my birthday and it was April Fool’s Day.

”When I spoke to a manager she said I looked too much like a member of staff in character and it could cause confusion for the children.

”I asked him what he meant and said they were concerned children would think I worked there and wanted to have their picture with me.

”I didn’t even have any make-up on and didn’t look anything like the characters in the park, it wasn’t like I was wearing a big Mickey Mouse outfit, it was just a dress.

”How can they possibly say I looked too much like a princess? I was wearing a hideous wedding dress I bought from Oxfam for £20.

”I even rang up the park before we arrived and told them I wanted to come dressed as a princess. The woman I spoke to said it was a great idea and wished us a great time.”

But devastated Natasha was forced to change into an old pair of jeans and a shirt for the rest of the day while Drew was allowed to keep her dress on.

Natasha, from Radford, Coventry, said: ”I was just a bit of fun for me and my daughter but we were treated like criminals.

”The only things I had left were what I’d worn the night before so I had to go into the park wearing dirty clothes.”

Natasha, a dispensing assistant for Superdrug, paid £1,000 for a three-and-a-half day trip to Disneyland Paris to celebrate her birthday – which fell on April 1.

They stayed at the four-star Vienna Magic Circus Hotel near Disneyland and forked out £80 for a day ticket on April 1.

The divorced mum, who has another son Jamal, 18, a student, said: ”My birthday is on April Fool’s Day so I wanted to do something daft.

”My daughter loves Disney so we both thought lets dress up for my birthday.

”I tried to say every child knows what a genuine Disney princess looks like because they are all unique characters, not someone wearing a silly puffy sleeved wedding dress with a big birthday badge and Mickey Mouse ears.

”It’s bad enough having my birthday on April Fool’s Day without this happening.”

Disneyland confirmed it had a global policy banning adults from wearing fancy dress in their theme parks.

A spokesman said: ”No one over the age of nine is allowed to enter our theme parks in fancy dress. It prevents confusion.”

Natasha has now written to Disneyland demanding an apology.

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  1. Jigglepuff6 says:

    Im surprised
    I thought you looked cute
    & you didn’t look like one of there Disney Princesses
    like you didn’t look like Belle , snow white , or cinderella
    Im curious tho
    are you allowed to wear a simple dress to a disney restraunt like a costume
    personally i think it kinda sucks that adults can’t dress up
    I think they should band that rule so that everyone young & old can dress up
    after all it’s Disney
    besides the chracters already have there own private photo places where you can get wonderful pics
    I think your cosutme is cute & I think they owe you a huge SORRY
    I have heard that other adults have gotten away with wearing costumes to & in the parks, There was this women who dressed up as Marry Poppins inside the walt Disney World parks and she looked older then you
    and it wasn’t for the halloween haunt or anything special
    and she was allowed in .
    i think there should be a vote on adults dressing up in the parks
    or something where its fair for everyone to dress up young or old
    you look so cute like minnie mouse on her wedding day 😀

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