My daughter’s named after a BEER and WINE!

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A pub landlord who helped deliver his baby daughter at his bar has named the newborn child after the boozer’s best-selling BEER and WINE.

Sergio Rocha, 34, didn’t need to travel far to wet the baby’s head after assisting with the birth of little Estella Rose at The White Lion pub in Beeston, Notts.

Wife Natalie, 34, had been 11 days overdue when her waters burst in the bar on Saturday afternoon and was quickly moved to an upstairs bedroom.

Baby Estella Rose Rocha at the White Lion pub with proud mum and dad Natalie and Sergio and big brothers Christianno, 4, and Leonardo, 2

Baby Estella Rose Rocha at the White Lion pub with proud mum and dad Natalie and Sergio and big brothers Christianno, 4, and Leonardo, 2

However, her contractions began to get more severe and it soon became clear the couple would not have time to wait for paramedics to arrive.

After 15 minutes of pushing and 999 operators talking him through the birth, Sergio successfully delivered little Estella weighing 6lbs 15oz at 4.52pm.

The delighted pub owner then quickly toasted his new arrival by having a quick pint downstairs and getting a round in for the rest of the pub.

By the time two ambulances arrived, paramedics found both mum and daughter doing well – and little Estella carefully wrapped in a towel.

Sergio revealed the names picked for his daughter were “truly fitting” as Stella lager and Rosé  wine are two of his best selling drinks.

He said: “We really liked the name but coincidentally they are also two of the drinks we serve – Stella and Rosé . It’s also a bit like Estrella Damm, which is also a favourite of mine.

“I’m not a big drinker but it’s truly fitting really being that we run the pub together.

“To deliver my child was a magical moment.

“It was all a bit surreal for the customers – they didn’t know what was going on at first.

“The pub wasn’t that busy as there’s a lot of road-works going on at the minute, but I suppose that made it a cheaper round.

“There’s going to be plenty of time to celebrate properly with all the regulars though, it was quite a magical moment.

“I helped at the birth of my two sons but that was at hospital and I had people there to support me.

“I had the midwife on the phone in one hand and my baby in the other and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“It was a very quick birth and the baby was so clean, it was like she had just come out of a shower.

“It was amazing.”

Natalie had been due to be induced at hospital on Sunday but Estella Rose just couldn’t wait.

The proud mum added: “I was having pains on the Saturday but just ignored them because they didn’t seem that serious.

“At around 4pm, and we phoned the delivery suite to let them know we’d be on our way.

“I was upstairs and we phoned for a taxi, so Sergio went downstairs to let the staff know what  was happening.

“But by the time he was back up, my waters had broken and the baby was on its way.

“Perhaps Sergio should now retrain as a midwife – he did brilliantly.”

The couple met in a Nandos restaurant six years ago and married four years later, they have another two children, four-year-old Cristianno and two-year-old Leonardo.

Cristianno added: “I was hoping we would have a baby sister –  she is lovely.”

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