Customer travels 15,000 miles from Australia to village shop… to try a CAKE

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A village coffee shop owner was gobsmacked when a customer travelled 10,500 miles from Australia – just to try one of her CUPCAKES.

Heather Jones, 29, thought nothing of it when Aussie Lisa Albert, 46, ‘liked’ pictures of her cakes on Facebook in February this year.

But she was stunned when dedicated Lisa suddenly turned up on her doorstep last month – after travelling for 26 hours across the globe.

Coffee shop owner Heather Jones, right, with Australian visitor Lisa Albert

Coffee shop owner Heather Jones, right, with Australian visitor Lisa Albert

Lisa, who lives in Melbourne, thought the £2 cakes looked so appetising that she decided to centre her trip to the UK around visiting the small family-run coffee shop.

On April 26, the mum-of-two jumped on a plane for the 10,513 mile journey to the small village of Mawsley, Northants., to try the mouthwatering fudge and caramel treats.

Hospital worker Lisa has since decided to go on to more more popular tourist destinations across the UK before she returns Down Under next week.

She said: “I do love my coffee and have got a sweet tooth.

“I would go round showing my friends in Australia, saying ‘Look at these cupcakes, they look amazing’.

“I hadn’t been to the UK for 26 years and it was the cupcakes that swayed me to come back over – I just had to have one.

“I caught the plane to London and then a train to stay with friends in Northampton, then I got lift over to the coffee shop the next day – and I finally got my eagerly awaited cupcake.

“They tasted as good as they looked.

“It was definitely worth the wait.”

Heather, who runs the shop with her partner Luke Clark, 30, said: “One of my friends from school had liked some of the cakes and Lisa was friends with her so liked a few too.

“She emailed me and said she really liked the look of my cakes and that my coffee shop looked lovely.

“Then a few weeks ago she just walked in and said ‘I am that lady that emailed you’.

“She didn’t let me know she was coming, she just turned up.

“Lisa was so excited, she took pictures of everything, all the menus and signs.

“She had two coffees and had lunch and then a cupcake for dessert. She stayed for about an hour-and-a-half and we chatted.

“It was really surreal. just getting the email made my day – but when she came in I was totally gobsmacked.”

Heather, who lives with Luke and their two children, Felicity, three, and Blake, two, bought the coffee shop in August last year.

She added: “It was a privilege to have someone come all the way from Australia.

“It’s definitely the furthest a customer has ever come for a cake.”

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