Curvy women have better sex than skinny girls, researchers find

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Curvy women have better sex than anyone else, it emerged yesterday.

Experts who studied the sex lives of 2,000 women and split the results by body shape found women who described themselves as curvy were the most satisfied with their time between the sheets.

The research looked at the correlation between confidence and size and found that voluptuous and curvy women state they are happier with life overall, than those who deemed themselves skinny or slim.

The research, commissioned by online dating site, found women who deemed their figure as toned or athletic had the most sex – more often than those who felt they were ‘a bit wobbly’.

But quality might prevail over quantity and despite having the most sex, athletic or toned women proved the least happy overall of all those studied and far less content in their sex life than curvy women.

The results showed that it was curvy women that loved sex the most.

The survey also found the average woman studied has sex once a week on average.

Yesterday Tina West, dating consultant at said: “It’s interesting to see the correlation between a woman’s happiness levels and how she perceives her own body.

“Of course a lot more goes into our moods and how satisfied we are with our lives than just the way we look, but it’s clear that it does have a strong influence.

”Curvy women had the most positive results overall but the study is a reminder that just having a  particular body type doesn’t guarantee anything, as many slim women were just as insecure as those that felt they were overweight.

“What matters is feeling confident with your shape and having a partner who loves and responds to the way you look.”

When asked on their appeal to the opposite sex, curvy women were most likely to cite the fact that they were happy in their own skin as a big factor – with toned women least likely to give this reason.

Those who deemed themselves ‘a bit wobbly’ in shape were more likely than other body shapes to feel the fact that they had fun and liked to have a good time was what attracted men to them.

Of the 2,000 women studied, just 15 per cent were actually proud of their body and  40 per cent were currently unsatisfied with their sex life, whilst 33% sadly thought they weren’t attractive or sexy at all.

But there was a clear trend for increased confidence and assurance as women grew older – 70 per cent agreed that their body confidence grows with age.

Tina West for added: “Whether we feel a bit wobbly, too thin or just generally unsexy, women of all sizes struggle to appreciate themselves and their own shape no matter what category they fall into.

”When a woman doesn’t feel good about herself, that can impact her physical relationships – whether it’s confidence in meeting new people or even how intimate she is with her current partner.

”Finding someone who genuinely appreciates you for you, both in body and personality is the best foundation for a healthy, happy and satisfying relationship.”

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