Couple celebrate 48 million to one odds after all three kids are born on October 7th

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A couple will find it easy to remember their three children’s birthdays after they were all born on October 7th – beating odds of 48 million to one.

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Jennifer and Driss Allali, 39 and 38, celebrated last week after their third child Sami was born on October 7.

He shares the same birthday as his older sister Najla, 5, who was born on October 7 2005, and brother Adam, 3, who was born on October 7 2007.

The brain injury nurse said: ”We didn’t plan this. It is a complete surprise and we still can’t believe it has happened.

”Just a few days before Sami was born we thought ‘oh my gosh’ it could be the 7th again. We didn’t focus on the dates but now it’s happened it’s amazing.

”I was in the middle of blowing up balloons for Najla and Adam’s birthday when the contractions started. Driss was out so I waited for him and he took me to hospital.

”The midwives couldn’t believe it when we told them. Three children on the same day must be a record.”

Mathematical experts have revealed that the three siblings have beaten odds of 48 million to one by being born on October 7.

They share a birthday with Simon Cowell, who was born in 1959 and celebrated his 51st birthday last week with the present of three singing dwarves from Cheryl Cole.

Roger Heath-Brown, Professor of Pure Mathematics at Oxford University, explained the odds of Jennifer’s children being born on October 7 are a staggering 48,627,125 to one.

He said: ”The odds of three children, who are not triplets or twins, being born on the same day would be around 133,000 to one.

”However, the odds of three children being born on a specific date, for example Christmas Day or in this case Simon Cowell’s birthday, would be 48 million to one.

”Neither of those odds are factoring in how many women live to give birth to three children but they give a good estimation of the chance.

”It really is a very unusual occurrence.”

Jennifer added: ”We watch every episode of X Factor so it’s amazing they share a birthday with Simon Cowell.”

Proud father Driss revealed it may be ”impossible” to find a venue big enough to hold a birthday party for all three children and their friends when October 7 comes round.

The Arabic language scholar said: ”Maybe we’ll have to limit the amount of people we invite to birthdays and there could be arguments over who wants to do what on their special day.

”We realise that we’ll have to be diplomatic. One of them might want a party at home another might want to go to the park and so on.

”I suppose finding a party venue large enough will be almost impossible because when they are at primary school we will have to invite all the kids from their three classes.

”We will have to try and make the day individual for all of them. That will be very difficult because although they are similar as babies they will become different as they grow up.”

Jennifer added: ”It will be a big event every year – like having a second Christmas.

“For our relatives it is going to be a nightmare because they will have to buy three sets of presents at once.

”Plus it’s my birthday in September and Driss’ birthday is in October so it’s going to be a bit of a run of birthdays every Autumn.”

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  1. Vera Ziegler says:

    I share my birthday with my sister and brother, December 30th, 1954, 1956 and 1964. All natural births. vera ziegler sundance wyoming

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