Chicken enjoys new life after being saved from jaws of a FOX

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Britain’s luckiest chicken is starting a new life with the woman who helped it escape – from the jaws of a FOX.

The fortunate bird was spotted clamped in the mouth of the predator after it was snatched from a coop.

Stunned Amani Omejer, 29, was walking down the road at night when the fox appeared from the alley clutching its prey.

But on seeing Amani the startled vermin stared at her and the bird managed to wriggle and flap its way free.

She immediately adopted the chicken and has found it a new home.

Amani Omejer, 29, from Bristol, who saved a chicken that's now called Jaws

Amani Omejer, 29, from Bristol, who saved a chicken that’s now called Jaws

Amani was walking home on Sunday night in Bristol when she saw the fox running down the road.

She said: “I was walking in the dark at about 10.30 at night. I had my headphones in my ears and was in my own world.

“Suddenly, out jumped the fox with the chicken in its mouth.

”The fox saw me and was startled and dropped the chicken which ran across the road. The fox paused, looked at me, then ran off.”

Worried that the fox would coming back for the chicken, Amani knew she had to do something.

“I had just been with my friend Heather who has a chicken and called her up and said ‘what do I do?’

“She said to pick her up and take her home. As I went to pick the chicken up two girls walked past and said: ‘What are you doing?’ I must have looked totally mad!

“It was quite easy to get her as she was in shock. So I picked her up and walked back home with her in my arms. I put a scarf over her eyes so she wasn’t scared.”

Jaws the chicken, with Dorris

Jaws the chicken, with Dorris

When she got home, her housemate, who has a cat, lent her a cat basket, and they put the frightened bird inside with some scarves and some water and bits of apple.

“She squawked a bit but I think just wanted us to sod off so she could sleep,” she said. “The house cat, Clyde, wasn’t sure what to make of the matter.”

The next day, her friend Heather came to collect the bird, who has been named Jaws after the jaws of death she escaped from.

Heather was already looking for a mate for her chicken Doris, who she rescued after finding her abandoned at the end of the Glastonbury Festival.

Amani has posted on Facebook appealing for someone who might recognise and has lost the hen, with the aim of reuniting her with her previous home.

But for now, Jaws is enjoying a new lease of life at Heather’s house.

“Jaws will stay there unless we find her previous owners,” she said.

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