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A new initiative is being introduced to the car insurance industry which could save motorists £15 a year on their car insurance premium.

The initiative is called MyLicence and involves transferring all driving records online so car insurers can run thorough checks on drivers and use the information to give them a more accurate price.

The initiative is set to be up and running by autumn 2014.

Driving licence records could be put online which will help to reduce insurance premiums

Driving licence records could be put online which will help to reduce insurance premiums

At the moment car insurers have to consider risk factors when they sell policies, like mistakes and untruthful motorists, which means premiums are higher than they need to be. Once all the driving records are online, car insurers will have full access to the DVLA records and so there will be no guessing for premium prices.

MyLicence is a joint venture between the DVLA, the Department for Transport and the insurance industry (namely ABI and MIB). Drivers will have to give their driving licence number when they apply for car insurance and this will enable insurers to run a check on the online driving records.


Insurers will have access to driving points, the type of licence held and the motorist’s entitlement to drive. (Source: This will help motorists because they will be offered a lower insurance premium as mentioned above, plus the whole process will be a lot quicker because insurers won’t have to ask so many questions.

The new initiative also means there will be fewer mistakes made during the application, both accidental and on purpose. At the moment it is estimated that one in five people do not fully declare their motoring convictions (source: BBC), which is why insurers often factor in thepossibility that their customers are being untruthful.

From autumn 2014, when the initiative is up and running, insurers will no longer have to worry about motorists’ failing to disclose their full convictions, because it will be easy to check the online records.

The whole process will be simpler and more effective once all driving records have gone digital.

In fact, the paper part of the driving licence is being phased out and it will have gone completely digital by the end of 2015. Go to if you want to discover more about the history of the driving licence or read more about MyLicence.

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