Brits splash their spare cash on nights out, clothes, shoes and day trips

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Brits splash their spare cash on nights out, clothes, shoes and day trips, a study revealed.

The average Brit spends £54.54 a month letting their hair down with friends in their local pub or nightclub after paying the bills, mortgage and allowing for necessities such as food and petrol.

Clothes and shoes account for £49.61 of our disposable income each month, while we spend £45.29 enjoying day trips or a weekend break.

Another £36.46 goes on takeaways or meals out in restaurants, while just over £22 is spent keeping up with our hobbies.

More than £38 is also shelled out on beauty products, computer games, DVDs, music downloads and magazines.

However, Brits still manage to save an average of £91.29 each month.

Steve Reid, retail director for Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, said: ”After paying out for bills, it seems nights out are the biggest priority.

”At the end of a long day or week at work, relaxing with friends can really help you de-stress, so it’s not surprising to see this is where the majority of disposable income goes.

”Retail therapy also accounts for a large amount of Brits’ cash, and it’s great to see that even though people are having fun, they are still saving and keeping one eye on the future.”

The study of 3,000 Brits also revealed the average adult splashes £905.83 on holidays each year and treats themselves to concert or theatre tickets to the annual cost of £66.01.

But researchers also found women in Edinburgh are most likely to cough up some of their cash on clothes and shoes, spending an average of £86.49 a month to update their wardrobe.

And those in Swansea fork out the most on make-up and beauty products, parting with an average of £24.80 a month.

Women living in Exeter aren’t quite as flush spending just £33 a month on new clothes and shoes and another £14.81 on beauty products – less than anyone else in the country.

Guys in Swansea were revealed as the biggest spenders when it comes to pub nights, paying out £92.86 a month on beer, while Birmingham men came out on top for buying music and computer games, coughing up £24.24.

But blokes in Southampton spend just £34.09 a month on nights out and only £7.27 on music downloads DVDs or computer games.

The study also revealed that men spend the most on nights out, parting with £66 a month compared to the £48.19 spent by women.

And music downloads, DVDs and computer games account for £17.10 of the average guy’s spare cash – double the £9.82 spent by women.


Nights out/trips to pub – £54.54
Clothes and shoes – £49.61
Day trips/weekend away – £45.29
Takeaways/meals out – £36.46
Keeping up with hobbies – £22.27
Make-up/beauty products/toiletries – £17.39
Music/DVDs/computer games – £12.38
Magazines – £8.54
Concert/event tickets (per year) – £66.01
Holidays (per year) – £905.83
Put into savings – £91.29

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