Britain’s grumpiest pub landlord crowned in Herefordshire

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A pub owner who has upset dozens of customers with his bad moods has been dubbed Britain’s grumpiest landlord.

John Wilkins, 63, took over the Ewe and Lamb pub in Kington, Herefordshire, when he retired two years ago.

But regulars in the tiny village were stunned at John’s short temper and constant moaning when they bought their pints.

The miserable landlord refused to serve punters who criticised his ales and told others who asked for help finding things to ”get it yourself”.

Desperate chef Lynn Stokes, 40, hit back when she scrawled a sign outside the pub which branded her boss the ”grumpiest landlord in the country”.

Retired engineer John, who has never married, said: ”I have to work all day without any help so it’s so surprise that I get a bit grouchy.

”I definitely don’t show the best of myself first thing in the morning then I become more tired throughout the day.

”Customers have asked me about the drinks and sometime I’ve told there shove off, to just shut up and drink.

”I don’t mind being the grumpiest landlord in Britain. People come to the pub to see me and try and wind me up.”

John lives at the pub on his own and has four other part time staff who work there throughout the week.

Chef Lynne Stokes rubbed the daily specials off the chalk board and wrote the message about her boss two weeks ago.

It stated: ”We pride ourselves on having the grumpiest landlord in the country.”

The mum-of-two said: ”I wanted to cheer John up so that he smiles a bit more. Sometimes he sounds like Victor Meldrew.

”He comes in each morning and moans about everything.  Maybe after this he’ll change his ways and crack a smile.”

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