Brazen Burglar Who Treated Himself To Dinner And Beer Snared By His Own DNA

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Craig Seni

Craig Seni

A brazen burglar who treated himself to dinner and beer in one of the houses he raided was snared after leaving DNA on an empty bottle.

Craig Seni, 33, helped himself to a microwave meal and downed several beers after forcing his way in to the property in Folkestone, Kent while the owner was away.

But his greed got the better of the serial burglar after forensics officers found traces of his DNA on the beer bottle.

Now Seni is serving 18 months behind bars after admitting a series of burglaries and other offences at Canterbury Crown Court.

A woman returned to her home in Churchill Close, Folkestone, after some days away on September 7th this, to find it had been burgled, the court heard.

Seni, of no fixed address, was arrested on October 18 after forensic testing on an empty bottle left behind at the house confirmed he was the burglar.

Damage had been caused to the door, while a laptop computer, jewellery and a Staffordshire jug had been taken.

There was also evidence that Seni had eaten a microwave meal, leaving the package behind, and had also drunk a number of bottles of beer during the break-in.

He told police he had also carried out a burglary at a house in Keys Place, Folkestone, on October 13 when the victim woke in the night to find him standing in her room.

Seni had already let himself into the house and taken a purse containing a contactless bank card from a handbag, which he had used to buy tobacco and alcohol.

CCTV confirmed Seni had visited two shops to buy items with the stolen card.

He returned to the house to see if there were other items he could steal, thinking no-one was home, when he stumbled upon the sleeping resident.

He also admitted a further two burglaries and two charges of fraud – these matters were taken into consideration by the judge during sentencing.

Seni pleaded guilty to two charges of burglary and was sentenced to 18 months in prison at Canterbury Crown Court.

Detective Sergeant Matthew Smith, said: “Seni was an opportunist burglar, stealing items he thought would make him money. He even bought items using the stolen bank card which were sold on to make money.

“However it was this behaviour which meant he grabbed the opportunity to have a beer while burgling, which led ultimately to his downfall.

“Tests on the bottle revealed his DNA present and he was brought to face justice.

“The impact of Seni’s actions on his victims should not be understated and I hope his conviction brings them reassurance.

“Being a victim of burglary, regardless of what is stolen, can cause people to feel anxious, traumatised and unsettled in their own homes.”

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