Baby crushed to death by wall after dad backs into it with his recovery truck

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A one-year-old baby who died after being crushed by bricks when his dad drove into a wall in his recovery truck was yesterday (Tue) named as Amaan Yaseen.

Emergency services were called at around 5pm on Monday (16/2) after the pick-up reversed into a garden wall on Queens Road, in Stetchford, Birmingham.

The 19-month-old suffered serious head injuries after heavy bricks crumbled down on top of him as he played outside his home.

Witnesses said they saw the tragic tot lying in a pool of blood on the pavement and his distraught father “crying his eyes out.”

Despite the best efforts of paramedics little Amaan was pronounced dead at the scene a short time later.

Floral tributes on a partly demolished wall at a property on Queens Road in Birmingham, England where a 1-year-old baby was tragically killed.

Floral tributes on a partly demolished wall at a property on Queens Road in Birmingham, England where a 1-year-old baby was tragically killed.

Yesterday (Tue) floral tributes and teddy bears were placed outside the family’s home in the quiet residential suburb, which has been left stunned by the tragedy.

Speaking from outside the property family friend Mohammed Hafeez read out a statement on behalf of the family.

He said: “At about 5pm last night (Mon), the Yaseen family suffered a tragic loss.

“A member of the family was parking a heavy goods vehicle when it collided with a wall and bricks fell onto Amaan Yaseen, who was only 19-months-old.

“Despite efforts to resuscitate him by paramedics, Amaan died at the scene.

“His parents are devastated and shocked. Amaan was a lovely little boy who bought a lot of joy and happiness to his entire family, especially his parents.

“He will be deeply missed.

“Amaan’s family would like to thank West Midlands Ambulance service and West Midlands Police.

“It is very traumatic for Amaan’s parents to have to go through.

“His father was driving the vehicle at the time. He is obviously and understandably very distraught and upset about it.

“This is obviously a very difficult time for the family. This was an accidental and tragic death.”

The property on Queens Road in Birmingham, where a one-year-old baby boy was tragically killed.

Neighbours paying their respects to the one year old who died tragically outside his own home.

Residents living on the road yesterday (Tue) reacted with shock to the tragedy, which happened on their doorsteps.

Eyewitnesses Roy Ives, 70, from Kitts Green, Birmingham, was walking home from a friends at about 4.50pm  when he saw the “scene of devastation”.

The carer said: “It was horrendous. There was two big plots of bricks, one was 12ft high and a smaller one.

“I must have missed it by seconds.

“The driver had started to back up and hit the bricks because you could see the lorry was blocking the slip-road to the driveway. It was facing down the hill, so it must have reversed.

“I was only there for about 12 seconds. A helicopter landed on the park and ambulances came.

“But I could see he was gone.

“There was a pool of blood but not immediately beside his head so he must have been moved.

“He had his hands on his chest but I knew he had gone.

“I haven’t eaten since. It has disturbed me that much.

“I didn’t see it happen but the scene afterwards was awful. It was a scene of devastation.

“The poor baby was lying on the pavement.

“There were a lot of people around but I don’t know who was the dad or mum.

“The driver looked to be Asian and in his 30s. I don’t know if it was his father or not.

“It made me feel sick.  It is sad and very tragic. I couldn’t sleep the night after it.”

The names of Amaan’s parents have not been revealed but residents said the father was a taxi-driver who also owned a pick-up firm.

The couple are said to have lived at the #120,000 semi-detached property for about 10 years and have four children together.

Their next door neighbour Mary Mason, 67, added: “The pick up truck is there quite often so I think it belongs to the dad.

“I saw it reversing out my window and then it lurched forward and I heard a massive crash. I looked out and their garden wall had collapsed.

“Next thing I know I can just hear screaming and shouting, I don’t know what was going on. There was chaos. I could just hear yelling and panicked screams.

“There was blue flashing lights everywhere but I had no idea what had happened, I thought the wall had just collapsed but the shouting and the noise made me think it could have been something worse.”

Another neighbour, who did not wish to be named, added: “The dad was driving his van, its there all the time and he obviously didn’t see his son who must have been on the footpath.

“They have a pick-up truck and a taxi, he has a few jobs – he is a hardworking and decent man.

“He is always reversing it on and off the drive and tragically he has hit the wall which collapsed on his lad who was the other side.

“They have lived there about 10 years and have about four children. They are good people. They will be heartbroken.

“I looked out my window and could see the man crying his eyes out – he was a mess, he was really in a bad way.”

Grandmother-to-two Tracy Wilson, 50, added: “I am really shocked.

“I won’t drive past that part of the street for some time now. It has shocked me that much. I will drive the other way down the street just to avoid it.

“It is just horrid. I am a grandmother myself. It must be awful for the family. It is very very sad. I just feel sick.

“The family must be absolutely devastated.

“It is a close-knit community. There is a great feeling of sadness on this street.”

Another neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said: “A truck hit a wall, which fell and squashed a baby.

“I am so shocked that the baby has died. It crushed the poor kid. It is just absolutely heart wrenching.”

Barbara Porter, 76, added: “I heard the helicopter land in Old Yardley Park over the road and there was police and ambulances everywhere.

“Its a really busy road and we’ve had loads of accidents down here. To know it is a little child is just heartbreaking.

“There’s a lot of pedestrians as we are by a school and the cars are always bombing down the road. It’s such a shame.

“It doesn’t get more tragic than this. It’s upsetting to think about what his family must be going through right now.”

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