Average person has one break up, five take-away meals and three romps… in their CAR

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The average Brit will endure one break-up, tuck into five take-away meals and enjoy three romps – in their car, research revealed today.

A study of 2,000 drivers to examine the extent to which cars have become our second homes, also found we will sing along to 17 thousand songs and take the in-laws out for five day trips.

It also emerged we will rely on our car to get us to 23 hospital visits, 28 trips to see the doctor and 21 dentist appointments while we own the vehicle.

The average Brit will have sex three times in their car

The average Brit will have sex three times in their car

The study also found the average Brit will find themselves stuck in traffic 36 times while driving their car, will go on 11 day trips to a theme park and drive 94 journeys to visit relatives.

Andrew Hooks, of Gumtree Motors, said: ”The average car plays a huge part in our everyday life.

”Whether it’s to get you to an emergency appointment or just from A to B, it definitely serves its purpose.

”Many drivers probably don’t sit back and think about the activities that go on inside their car, but this study reveals that it sees a lot more than just mileage.

”It’s no surprise that the car is being seen as our second home.”

The report also found the dog will have 12 trips to the vet in the car while the cat will need to get to nine appointments via the back seat.

Mums and dads will make 604 school runs in their car and find a grand total of £6.16 in change tucked away under seats or in cup holders.

But there will also be 114 rows or arguments, 118 wrong turns and 16 child tantrums during the lifetime of a car.

The average car will also see 336 runs to food shops, two bouts of travel sickness and eight trips to the drive-thru.

A Brit’s back seat will see 70 packets of crisps eaten during the course of the seven years with an owner, along with 84 cartons of drink and chocolate bars, 42 ice creams and 63 homemade sandwiches

And there will be six emergency toilet stops during the 52 thousand miles driven throughout the lifetime of a Brit’s car.

Our cars also represent independence as about half of the respondents said that their vehicle gives them the freedom to do whatever they want to do.

While one in six drivers admitted they see their car almost as a second home – because they spend so much time in it.

The study supports the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ (SMMT) information which says that the average car will be with its owner for seven years.

Andrew Hooks added: “If cars could talk about their experiences over the seven odd years, they’ll have amazing tales to tell.

“The used car market is gaining prominence in the UK so it’s great to see these vehicles sold on for new families to make new memories.”

***       3 romps
***         23 Hospital dashes
***         28 Doctors appointments
***         21 Dentist appointments
***         11 Trips to a theme park
***         94 Relative visits
***         604 School runs
***         118 wrong turns
***         336 food shops
***         8 trips to the drive-thru
***         5 day trips with the in-laws
***         6 emergency toilet stops
***         2 bouts of travel sickness
***         36 traffic jams
***         17,472 songs sang aloud
***         114 rows or arguments
***         1 break-up
***         16 child tantrums
***         £6.16 in change hidden away


***       10 packets of crisps eaten per year X 7 years of ownership = 70
***         12 cartons of drink drunk per year X 7 years of ownership = 84
***       12 chocolate bars eaten per year X 7 years of ownership = 84
***      12 packets of sweets eaten per year X 7 years of ownership = 84
***        9 homemade sandwiches eaten per year X 7 years of ownership = 63
***         9 fast food meals eaten per year X 7 years of ownership = 63
***         6 ice creams eaten per year X 7 years of ownership = 42
***        5 takeaways

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