Artist spends £15k on mural for local pub… only for new landlord to PAINT OVER IT

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An artist has been left devastated after spending four years and #15,000 creating a mural for his local pub – only to see the new landlord PAINT OVER IT.

Jamie Montgomery, 59, was asked to create a mural for The Tudor Rose pub in the village of Upper Upnor, Medway, Kent, in 2008.

The work was commisioned by previous landlords Kevin and Joy Taylor and depicted Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar.

But they left two months ago and a tempoarary manager was installed by the pub’s brewerers Shepherd Neame.

It was then that Jamie was left devastated when he entered the pub last month and found that new landlord had destroyed his prized artwork

The new manager had covered the epic 20ft by 9ft mural in WHITE PAINT.

Jamie, from Gillingham, Kent, yesterday (Mon) said: “It’s like a slap in the face with a wet fish.

“It took me on and off four years to complete and was very popular.

“I was always in there between one and two days a week working on it and people always complimented me about it.

“It was a talking point and people came from far and wide to see it.

“I just felt like my thumb had been cut off or something. It’s not just that I loved it but everyone else did as well.”

The landlord who destroyed the mural has since left the pub and current licensees, Graham and Deana Godman, have taken over until a permanent tenant is found.

Mr Godman said: “We have had several art students and tourists coming here to see it.

“Unfortunately we have had to tell them that it is no more. It’s 50/50. You either liked it or disliked it.”

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