Artist Launches New Website To Celebrate Individuality

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artistA US artist has released her new, international website to showcase her artwork and to celebrate her unique artistic voice.

LaShonda Scott Robinson, an artist based in Alabama, was forced to leave her career as a graphic artist due to being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She lost the ability to use her hands, but although she couldn’t write legibly, she found that her ability to paint wasn’t affected.

LaShonda finally made art her full time focus in 2005 after support from her husband.

The website gives previews of upcoming exhibitions and showcases LaShonda’s latest artwork. The site has been designed to celebrate the art of individuality, and illustrates the artist’s personal journey through watercolour.

Being self-taught, LaShonda has created her own unique technique of painting, which has allowed her to make her art original and honest.

“My art is a reflection of me,” says LaShonda. “I express my feelings without shame or censorship.

“Being a woman of color, I understand discrimination and inequality. In life, I am sometimes restrained. But on canvas, I am completely free.”

The paintings featured on LaShonda’s website illustrate the colorful nature of her personality. Collectors are able to access first-hand information about exhibitions, and gain an insight into personal information regarding her artwork by visiting her website.

LaShonda is dedicated to using her art as a means of personal expression. The new website went live February 1, 2017.

“I hope my art inspires others to celebrate their individuality,” says LaShonda. “Every soul has color. Identify your hues and embrace the beauty of your rainbow.”

To see LaShonda’s new website and artwork, visit:

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