Aristocrat mistook Albino squirrel scratching at her window for a GHOST

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The albino squirrel that Lady Sarah Gough, 75, mistook for a ghost

The albino squirrel that Lady Sarah Gough, 75, mistook for a ghost

An aristocrat who thought she’d seen a ghost when she saw a white creature scratching at her window realised it was an –  ALBINO squirrel.

Lady Sarah Gough, 75, couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked out of her sitting room window to see an all-white squirrel sitting on the ledge.

The widow of Sir Brandon Gough, the former Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Kent, quickly grabbed her camera to snap the mysterious beast – one of only 20 in the UK.

Grandmother-of-seven Sarah said: “I heard this scratching sound and had a look out my window. I couldn’t believe my eyes – an all-white squirrel.

“I knew it could happen but it is not something one would ever expect to see. It did flash through my mind that it could be a ghost, but that would be ridiculous.

“It did look a bit scary though, especially with its red eyes.”

One in 100,000 squirrels are albino, and with even fewer of them making it into adulthood, it is thought there are less than 20 in the entire country.

Lady Sarah, who lives near Sevenoaks, Kent, hopes the white rodent will make a return to her garden.

She said: “Once I got over the shock, I quite liked it.

“I hope he comes back – I’ve never killed a squirrel in my life, so I don’t think it’s a ghost trying to haunt me.”

She added: “There is woodland across the road and my neighbour thinks there is more than one, which is quite possible.

“I tend to get different wildlife in the garden from time to time so I’m afraid the squirrel might get attacked by a wild animal.”

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