Absolute Digital Media Reviews Social Media Strategies For 2017

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digita;The award winning digital marketing company are looking to the different social media strategies that could change the way their clients use social media channels throughout 2017.

Social media has gone through a huge evolution over the past few years, and now it is becoming one of the most important marketing channels for brands and businesses.
Ben Austin, CEO of Absolute Digital Media, said:

“Creating an effective social media strategy is exceptionally important when it comes to achieving business goals, enhancing a brand’s presence and focusing on customer engagement. But finding a strategy that works isn’t always that easy.”

He added: “Social media is continually adapting and producing new means for businesses to interact with their customers. Absolute Digital Media will be reviewing the new strategies for 2017 to see how we can incorporate new, effective methods into our clients’ social media campaigns.”

One of the strategies that Absolute Digital Media will be implementing for their social clients is the alignment of social channels with the overall goals of each individual business. There are a number of different goals a business may have, and these can be targeted more specifically with the use of social media. Different channels can be used for a different purpose, and this can be integrated into an overall marketing strategy to provide clients with a new way to accomplish those business goals.

Another consideration for Absolute Digital Media will be the potential for brands to lean on messaging apps. With Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and WeChat being used by around 4 billion users around the world, some brands are beginning to consider this as a new opportunity to increase their social presence. Customer engagement and relationship building is one of the main reasons why businesses begin to join social media, and using messaging apps as a channel can provide a whole new way to provide one-to-one customer service. Not only is this cost-effective and scalable, messaging apps can also help to provide a better overall user experience, and help to retain customers even more easily.

Social media is very quickly becoming an avenue for sales, and Absolute Digital Media will be reviewing the new ways their clients can sell their products and services via new channels. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest all offer unique ways for users to purchase products in app, and other networks such as Snapchat are also testing ecommerce features. Previously conducted surveys suggest that 56% of consumers follow brands on their social channels to browse products for sale, and 31% use social media to look for new items to purchase, showing that this is going to be a huge part of social media in 2017.

Absolute Digital Media is an award winning full service digital marketing company, offering services in Social Media, SEO, PPC and more. With a team of expert professionals in all areas of the business, they provide fully-integrated digital marketing packages to their clients on a local, national and international level, helping them to achieve the top results.

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