3D Printing Education and Materials Come Together at NYC Based ThreeD Materials

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100+ Schools in the United States have turned to ThreeD Materials to implement a 3d printing
program or further an existing one since 2015. Now, with a surging interest in advanced
materials from its customer base, the New York City based 3d printing company is expanding
it’s focus from education into a full blown materials company.

ThreeD Materials recently announced that it will be expanding its business from basic 3d
printing materials and educational consulting to include industrial strength polymers for additive

“When we started this company years ago, the primary emphasis was serving the needs of our
customers in the educational sector. The goal was to ensure that teachers and students had the
tools they needed to successfully leverage 3d printing for their learning needs. That still rings
true today,” ThreeD Materials’ President Zachary Lichaa says, “however to meet the evolving
needs of our customers, we have decided to offer a full stack of advanced 3d printing filaments
and polymers for FFM/FDM technology.

3D Printing Materials Now Offered by ThreeD Materials


Nylon 230 – The First Nylon Filament to Print at 230C

Nylon 645 – possesses incredible strength, excellent elasticity and is lighter than ABS or PLA

Nylon 680 – FDA food and beverage complaint nylon filament

Alloy 910 – A single material that meets as many high performance 3d printing needs as
possible, and a favorite of the drone community

Bridge Nylon – Combines the price of ABS and PLA filament with the durability of nylon

“Our customers are no longer just printing with basic plastics and following lesson plans. They
are experimenting with RC Cars, Drones and creating musical instruments,” Lichaa said. “We
are extremely excited that high performance materials for 3d printing can serve as a catalyst for
the next generation of advanced manufacturing in America, and we plan to serve that customer

The advanced materials are now a compliment to an existing array of filaments, 3d printers,
lesson plans, curriculums and customer support that ThreeD Materials has always offered. This
includes PLA and ABS filaments, flexible materials, science and engineering modules for K-12
education and wifi and cloud based 3d printing systems.

“We believe 2017 is a year in which materials science and 3d printers are working together to
change the design paradigm at Fortune 100 companies and inside the garages of engineers across
the world,” Lichaa says. “That growing list of interested parties needs reliable expertise to go
along with their acquisition of filaments for 3d printing, and ThreeD Materials is happy to serve

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