10 top tips for finding the perfect home

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Finding the perfect home can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Many homebuyers become distraught at some point during the whole process, but with some legwork and a lot of research, you can save yourself from stress and find the perfect home in no time. Just follow these top tips to make home buying a breeze.

Go for the home that fits. Consider what style of home would fit your lifestyle best. If you’re not up to maintaining a lawn, a condo or a small apartment may fit your needs, but if you have a growing family, a house with a lot may probably meet your needs better. Write down all of the things your new home must have so you can prioritize.

Be flexible and leave room to grow. Look for a home that can adapt to your needs, for instance, if you have a new baby or if you’re planning to set up a home office. Consider a place that has rooms that can serve multiple functions.

Finding the right home is not always easy

Finding the right home is not always easy

Think long-term. Look for a home that you could see yourself living in for at least five to ten years. Buying, handling the paperwork, and moving to a new home takes a lot of effort and time, so you want to be sure you won’t have to move homes every couple of years.

Check your finances first. Assess your finances and consider your current and future expenses. Be careful not to exceed your means, so buy what you can easily afford.

Check out the neighborhood. Many homebuyers forget that they’re not simply buying a home, but also settling into a neighborhood. Before closing a deal, check the surrounding neighborhood first to see if it will suit you and offer what you’ll need in the future. Location is also important—if you value quietness and privacy, buying a house that’s located on a major thoroughfare may not be a good idea.

Be open about remodeling. The homes you may look at may not be in their best condition even though they’re in an ideal location in a good neighborhood. Think about a house’s potential before you turn away—perhaps a fresh coat of paint or new wood floors would make it the perfect home.

Do a home inspection. Professional home inspectors can give you a non-biased opinion as well as the true value of a property. You may fall in love with a house at first sight, but if it turns out you’ll be spending more for repairs and pest control, then it would be better to look elsewhere.

Manage your expectations. Many homebuyers put their expectations too high, but you must be realistic and know that most houses in the market aren’t perfect to begin with. You have to compromise and be smart about certain aspects of a house you can work with or improve on to make it perfect for you.

Get pre-approved for your home loan. Being pre-approved for your home loan will save you a lot of time and effort when looking for a home. It helps you cross out the properties you can’t afford and also gives you the chance to shop around for the best deal and the best interest rates.

Timing isn’t everything. Timing the market doesn’t really apply to real estate, as it is cyclical and anticipating the housing market is next to impossible. When is the best time to buy the perfect home in West Ashley SC, then? The answer: as soon as you find it and you can afford it. So get pre-approved, do your research, and keep your eyes open for the perfect home!



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