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SWNS is the largest press agency in the UK and we can sell your stories and photos to every single newspaper and magazine, or the publication of your choice.

 If you would like to sell a story, photo, or video clip to the national and international press, SWNS guarantee the maximum exposure and the highest payments.

 If you have a story, tip-off, photo or video clip to sell, you can contact us by phone, email or through our Sell My Story site.


This is the sort of thing we’re interested in:

* Showbiz – When it comes to celebrities the best pictures are exclusive, recent pictures of ‘A’ list celebrities going about their daily lives. Although most celebrities are well used to being photographed, we cannot sell pictures that invade privacy, cause harassment or put anybody in harm’s way.

* Breaking news – Nearly every recent major news event has been covered with pictures and video from mobile phones and compact cameras. The key here is speed – the first good picture sent to a newspaper is almost always the one which gets used. The fastest way you can send us a picture is by MMS to 07596 989 099.

Sell us your story


* Weather – British people and British newspapers love to talk about the weather, the more extreme the better. If you have been flooded, snowed in, blown away or baked to a crisp you may well be in a position to get a photo we can sell

* Quirky – The best pictures are the ones that amuse, amaze or take your breath away. If you are so pleased with a picture you have emailed it to all your friends, chances are we can sell it.

* Relationships – Do you have a remarkable love story to tell? Did you meet your current partner in unusual circumstances or has your relationship triumphed over adversity? Perhaps you had a wacky wedding – or maybe you have been the victim of a ‘love rat’ and want to spill the beans.

* Celebrity – Do you know a secret about a celebrity? Maybe you’ve had a fling with someone in the public eye? Perhaps you want to get it off your chest and kiss and tell?

* Health – Have you overcome a life-threatening illness or undergone brand new, controversial or alternative treatment? Maybe you’ve shed the pounds on a remarkable diet, or found a miracle cure for baldness, or beaten addiction. Perhaps you’ve been let down by the NHS and spent thousands of pounds on treatment?

* Crime – Have you or someone you know been a victim of crime? Has the person responsible escaped punishment? Maybe the justice system has let you down? Or perhaps you’ve solved a crime yourself?

* Scandal – Have you uncovered a scandal in local or national government? Something that’s a scandalous waste of taxpayers’ money? Or maybe your boss is bending the rules and needs to be exposed?

* Animals – Newspapers and magazines love wacky stories about pets. Maybe your dog has saved your life, your cat can sing Elvis songs, or your parrot uses terrible language?

* Humour – Has something hilarious happened to you or someone you know? If you’re laughing with your mates about it, it could well be a story worthy of publication.