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Selling your story to a newspaper, magazine, on television or radio can be an exciting – and daunting – prospect.

But however you feel now, the rewards are often great. There’s not only a big sense of relief and satisfaction from seeing your story told, but also a handsome financial reward.

Even today there are very few other ways for ordinary people to make a four figure sum just by taking as little as ten minutes to speak on the phone.

If getting paid upwards of £1,000 for people to hear about what’s happened to is hugely appealing, then consider selling your story. It could pay for a family holiday, a new car, a big screen TV… whatever you like.

At SWNS we’ve been helping people like you to do exactly that for more than 40 years. In fact, we have the best reputation in the media for exclusive real-life stories… and many of the people working at the big newspapers, magazines, and TV shows are our former staff who, which gives us a vast network of excellent, trusted contacts.

If we take on your story, we’ll act as a middle man, protecting you from the sometimes intimidating force of the media, while also ensuring your story is packaged as effective as possible. If it’s your dream to appear on Good Morning Britain (formely GMTV!) and bask in the attention of the world, we’ll do our best to arrange that. If you want to be in The Sun, a few calls from us and it could be a reality. Likewise, if you would like a more low-key and considered piece in a Sunday magazine, we will listen and make sure that’s what you get.

With us, this is what you’ll get…

  • A calm, no-rush service with a compassionate and caring reporter to work with you
  • Availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week to talk… whenever you need to
  • The BEST price for your story in the place that’s exactly right for you 

So now you’ve decided that selling a story is right for you, here’s what you can do next. Simply fill out the form below with some brief details and your phone number and we’ll give you call back within 30 minutes during working hours. Or if your story is urgent, and you can’t keep it in any longer you can call us on 0117 9066500.


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