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Diablo the baby porcupine and Fig the sausage dog are the...

Porcupette Diablo made friends with little puppy Fig under the watchful eye of surrogate mum Estelle Morgan, who is hand-rearing the spiny little critter because he got rejected by his mum.

New study finds a simple way to inoculate teens against junk...

Advertisers specialising in the junk food marketing these days use a wide range of promotional ads related to the junk foods and encourage the target teens to consume fast foods.

Thibaut de Roux Discusses the Facts About Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

There is currently no cure for ALS and the majority (90%) of people diagnosed with the disease will not live more than ten years.

Appy Pie’s Snappy 2.0! – Faster apps and Better Encryption!

Appy Pie’s Snappy 2.0 closed beta is now live. The no-code app maker has launched Snappy 2.0 to make its clients’ apps...

Is it Profitable to Improve Customer Experience in Your Business?

When you have a business, it is very clear that making your customers happy is a key factor to consider in order...

7 top trade mark wins from Dawn Ellmore Employment’s Luke Rehbein

Every day brands, businesses and well-known names all over the world are battling for the rights to Intellectual Property (IP). Whether it’s...

Sami Wunder Cracks the Code to Romantic Love

Relationship expert Sami Wunder runs a highly successful dating business for professional, high-achieving women across the globe, helping clients to crack the code to romantic...

F1 betting tips

The British driver is showcasing such a marvelous form, and it appears that at the moment nobody can stop him. Everything is clear when we say that bookmakers give odds of 1/20 on his title at the end of this campaign.

Practical diet ideas from Majed Alhamad for busy people

The key is understanding what you should be eating and then making it as easy as possible so you make good decisions.

Ingleton Partners’ Tom LR Griffiths on how buying property in the...

How does buying property in the UK affect US expats?

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