You’re pants: 60 per cent of men buy partners wrong lingerie


Six out of ten men have ended up in the dog house with their other half – for buying them lingerie which doesn’t fit, it emerged yesterday.

Researchers found millions of blokes have fallen into the trap of buying their partner underwear which is too small, sparking a ”So you think I’m fat” scenario.

While a similar number have accidentally bought lingerie a size too big, leading to an ”I’m not that large!” type of argument.

The study also found more than #3 BILLION worth of wrong-sized underwear is lying dormant in women’s drawers around the UK thanks to their men.

A spokeswoman for Gossard, which uncovered the trend in a study of 3,000 women, said: ”It’s amusing so many men can’t seem to get it right when buying lingerie for the love of their life.

”The most important thing to get right is the correct size which isn’t that hard. Men should check the size of their girlfriend’s everyday underwear and buy the same size as that.

”Try and think of the clothes she likes to wear and the colours she likes – that should help find something that would appeal to her taste.

”We know it can be embarrassing but it’s often a good idea to ask a lingerie assistant to help you if you’re struggling.”

More than half (54 per cent) of the women polled said the man in their life had splashed out on completely unsuitable lingerie for them which they can’t wear.

A paranoid 21 per cent said lingerie their husband or boyfriend chose was always too small.

But it seems poor old blokes can’t win – with one in twenty girls saying they’d been bought lingerie which was too frumpy.

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One in ten said their other half often bought them knickers and bras which were too tarty while one in five women said their partner had truly dreadful taste in underwear.

The most common complaint was that underwear ‘wasn’t the right style’.

One in five females even went as far as to say their other half was selfish and didn’t consider what their wives would actually like.

A more sympathetic 80 per cent described their other halves as ‘dozy’ and said they couldn’t help getting it wrong as they were clearly completely out of their comfort zone when shopping for undies.

It also emerged the average woman has four bras she won’t wear and six pairs of pants totalling £136 on wasted lingerie.

Nearly 90 per cent of women said they have just two or three favourite bras which they wear all the time.


1. Wrong style
2. Too small
3. Too big
4. Too tarty
5. Wrong colour
6. Wrong fabric
7. Old fashioned
8. Too frumpy
9. Too itchy
10. Not tarty enough


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