Your Journey of Becoming a EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker through CEH Exam and Exam Dumps


A Certified Ethical Hacker sounds so good, right? But this profession isn’t as easy as you think! You have to go through a series of steps and a sequence of preparations before you earn such excellent information security validation.

If you’re excited to pursue this track, here’s everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker.

A prominent certification offered by a reputable IT organization

The CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker certification is presented by the global leader, EC-Council. This member-supported group is known for its internationally-recognized security certifications and e-business validations. And one of their most in-demand credentials of all time is their CEH certification. So, what is the main purpose of earning the CEH certification?

Becoming someone in the field of ethical hacking is definitely challenging. But it can be stress-free if you have something to show to the world―a CEH certification, perhaps. This globally-renowned credential is considered a benchmark of ethical hacking practices used by most security specialists around the world. Having this on your profile simply means that you’ve met the standards required for ethical hackers and you’ve established your expertise in network security discipline. 

A Certified Ethical Hacker knows the ins and outs of target systems, including tasks like identifying vulnerabilities and maximizing the same skills as a malicious hacker but for a lawful purpose.

The steps in earning your CEH credential

Every certification process is full of challenges. So, we make it much easier for you with this detailed guide in earning your CEH certification. Let’s begin with the formalities of the exam.

1.Know if you are qualified

The very first thing to do is to assess your eligibility. Even if the CEH certification is part of the core certification level of EC-Council, there are certain prerequisites that you need to comply with. This certification is highly suitable for security professionals, auditors, site administrators, or other related professions, with a focus on network infrastructure integrity. If you’re part of this pool of professionals, then you are permitted to take the exam―as long as you take the official training for the CEH certification at an accredited training center, academic institution, or approved online platform. You can attempt to take the exam without the training if you can prove 2 years or more work background in the information security industry, plus the eligibility application fee amounting to $100.

2.Be informed of the exam format

CEH exam is comprised of 125 questions in multiple choice format. You are given a total of 4 hours to complete all the questions. Don’t underestimate these so-called ‘multiple-choice questions’ because each of these is carefully analyzed to ensure the incorporation of security standards and real-world applicability. Moreover, the questions feature different difficulty levels. From there, the ‘Cut Score’ format is followed, where your cut score will depend on which exam part is challenged. The cut score ranges often from 60% to 85%. With the undefined passing percentage, it’s best that you give your best shot in answering all the questions.

3.Dig deep into its exam module

The best way to fully comprehend this certification is through its exam module. You should know that there are a lot of topics to be covered in the test; hence full focus is needed when understanding these subjects. Firstly, the exam introduces you to the world of ethical hacking, along with important security features like reconnaissance and footprinting. After, you will go through more advanced topics like scanning networks, vulnerability analysis, malware threats, system hacking, and enumeration. Different hacking solutions are also expounded, including web servers, web applications, wireless networks, and mobile platforms. Furthermore, the exam loads up your knowledge in session hijacking, sniffing, evading firewalls, IoT hacking, and even cloud computing.

4.Get help from EC-Council

Study conveniently and effectively from the wide-ranging training options provided by EC-Council. Currently, there are four choices for your CEH exam prep. iLearn is the self-study option that features video streaming courses. iWeek is the live, online course by a live instructor. Master Class is a top-notch choice for those who want the aid of first-rate instructors. And lastly, Training Partner is a customized choice that offers in-person training. All these training options are designed to assist candidates with different preferences.

5.Practice with PrepAway and other references

Brush up your ethical hacking proficiency with PrepAway. As a well-liked provider of exam dumps, you’ll love the varied exam resources they have for your CEH exam. They have dumps for CEH test with the latest set of questions and answers. The files can be downloaded for free or you can purchase the premium (verified file) at an affordable price. This reliable web resource also provides a collection of lectures and study guides to further help you with your learning. All these amazing online references at $39.98 only! Aside from PrepAway, it’s best to utilize some valuable CEH books from Amazon, which are great investments not just for your exam but for your future!


Remember, you need to take the position of a hacker to counterpart their threats and attacks. You go into their world to learn how they work. And you can do so by earning your CEH credential. As the world’s most recognized and advanced certification course for ethical hackers, this credential loosens the knots of security uncertainties. You become an expert in hacking technologies―in a good way. More than that, this unbars a series of career opportunities, which include professional development, higher pay, wider professional peers, and more! Beef up your ethical hacking skills with the EC-Council’s CEH certification and revel in the amazing perks!