Your guide to where to find the world’s best art online by Jürg Widmer Probst


Curation is a term that has recently moved out from museums and galleries and into the wider world. Everyone, it seems is now a ‘curator’. From DJs to fashion bloggers, there is a feeling that with all of the vast amount of content out there in the universe, we need informed people who can filter it. 

Of course, art is no different, and online we’re seeing a whole new generation of curators managing virtual collections of art online. 

Some of these sites are actual online marketplaces, where you can buy and sell artworks. Others meanwhile are taste-makers, where those of us who are interested in the latest trends in the art world can get our fix.

So, here is our guide to where you can find the world’s best art online.

The Place to See The Bigger Picture: Artsy

Artsy is a great place to start your journey into the art world. It is a wonderful place to read about the latest trends in contemporary art, for sure. And if you want to browse vast collections of some of the most cutting edge and talented artists on the planet, this is the place to buy and sell the work you love. 

But it is also a great place to learn more about art too. The site includes the ‘Art Genome Project’ which is an incredible resource. Here you can learn more about how the contemporary art you love has been informed by the work of the generations of artists who have gone before. Inspirational and educational, just as art should be.

The Place to Buy and Sell Art: Artspace

We love Artspace. In many ways this feels like a print magazine about art (in fact it calls itself a magazine). And, it has a front page packed with features, just as you’d expect from that mag lying on your coffee table. 

The articles are current and challenging, as well as feeling informative too. One recent article was on why the writer hated Hockney’s ‘A Bigger Splash’, while another picks out how artists are dealing with political protest. 

But this is also, primarily, a vast online marketplace for some of the best contemporary art in the world. It’s easy to browse, and all too easy to buy. You’ll come for the stories, but stay for the world class artwork that’s on sale here.

The Place to Discover the Next Big Thing: The Art Newspaper

It might look a little staid, but the Art Newspaper is probably one of the best places there is to discover the newest artistic talent on the web. 

Their coverage of all the biggest fairs (from the Venice Biennale to The Armory Show in New York City is pretty much unparalleled. 

There is actually a print version of this website too, and it feels right that there is. This is a heavyweight in the art world and the place to go to discover what the contemporary scene is talking about, right now.